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Siggraph 2010 wrap-up:


Well another Siggraph has come and gone. Autodesk had quite a different show this year as our Development Cycle moved to earlier in the year (around GDC time) and, thus we did not focus solely on New Features. Focusing on pipeline-workflows, we showed Mudbox in 4 seperate demos and we received a lot of great responses. If you missed any of the presentations, you can find them here:


Syd Mead and Mudbox?

I was fortunate enough to grab a quick chat with Syd Mead over at the NVIDIA booth. We talked about his background in sculpting and he revealed to me that he thought Mudbox would be "too complicated" for him. I happen to have a trusty little Mudbox USB key (complete with Mudbox trial) and he was very excited to try it out. I'm hoping I have the chance to talk with him again in the near future and see if we can do something cool with him.


Vector Displacement Shader by Wayne Robson (Psychocore, MudBoxHub):

In the stand-alone demo of Mudbox 2011, I showed the use of Wayne's shader rendering Vector Displacement from Mudbox via Mental Ray in Maya. Wayne did a great job putting this shader together and is offering it for free over at his site - thanks Wayne! You can grab the 64 and 32 bit Mental Ray VDM Shader for Maya (Windows and Linux), Max and Softimage at Wayne's site here:


Cool Videos and Tutorials:

Be sure to check out the tutorial by Jonas Thornqvist showing the power of Mudbox 2011 for 2D and 3D texture painting.


Digital Tutors Series - Mudbox 2011 Essentials Learning Videos:

This collection of videos created by Digital Tutors introduces new users to the features of Mudbox 2011 and takes them through the steps of creating a model from the initial sculpting and texturing, to painting, lighting and exporting to animation software.


Mudbox Videos:

With the help of some of the amazing artists in the Mudbox community, I was able to quickly put together some slick and sleek videos showcasing Mudbox 2011. Thanks to Dan Schioler for the final edit and Eric LeMoyne for the music. If you like what you see, be sure to add some comments on YouTube!

Discover Mudbox 2011:

Introducing the Mudbox 2011 In-Product Community:


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