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Hey everyone – Some very cool news from the awesome folks over at Wacom today!   Finally, after years and years of pestering…..a Wacom mobile device is here!   Not just one…but TWO!   Wacom has announced the Cintiq Companion and the Cintiq Companion Hybrid.   Two flavours allowing artists to choose what works best for them.   The Cintiq Companion is a Windows 8 device that packs a very powerful punch with solid state drive choices and 8 gb of RAM.   Awesome stuff.   Furthermore, the Cintiq Companion Hybrid is an Android tablet!  The ability to sketch, model, and just overall CREATE on the go is really great.  However, for me, the big excitement is the fact that it is Wacom bringing these devices out.   These guys have been designing and refining the best devices for digital creativity for a long time.  Having a fully integrated Cintiq, on a mobile tablet with all of the pressure sensitivity and multi-touch capabilities is pretty damn intriguing.   

Click the link below to learn more about their announcement and availability.  Full product configurations/specifications are also available to view here (Windows 8) and here (Android).


Cintiq Companion Promo Video:

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| 5 years ago
hmmm .. we are still waiting ...:(
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| 5 years ago
Mudbox needs a very powerful dedicated graphics card. Most high end mobile laptop cards are going to be less than ideal, let alone a Tegra3... I've run zBrush on a netbook before though and managed it. So that would probably run on a SurfacePro if you just want to do some quick sculpts on the go.
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| 5 years ago
Can't wait until these get bigger, thinner and lighter and super high 4K res. (3840x2160) Hopefully powerful enough to run 3d software, i.e. maya, 3ds max, mudbox etc without overheating. I'd like to see this at 24", as thin as a iPad, and weighs next hardly anything. (no flex of course) The problem with most of these types of products, they are either too thick and too heavy...or screens too small. Reason for a 24" vs a tiny 13", just more real estate. so enough room for menus, etc. and mainly a on-screen keyboard for normal pc use for other things besides graphics programs. And the obvious, just easy on the eyes...you know...like your desktops. Why this isn't so...baffles the hell out of me. If you feel it is too big...then the 13" should be considered "PORTABLE", on the go etc. Personally I'd rather have 24" for the couch. The Windows Surface pro has pressure sensitivity...only problem....just way too small..but impressed that even has full HD 1080p. SO why wouldn't this Cintiq Companion have 4K res? (might as well have a thin keyboard cover go with this also???? I guess we'll wait ANOTHER 10 years before any of this is reality..not that it cannot be TODAY...but it's just the way it is with these companies. $2500 is too much for this small 13" tablet. But there will be MANY that squander that kind of cash on it... the typical CINTIQ purchasers already basically. WACOM products are priced high and stay that way like Apple products. Yes, they are great quality...but the prices are ALWAYS unrealistic for most... so then you have Bamboo to choose from to get entry level equipment. At this premium price you'd expect 2560x1600 res like the Google Nexus 10! ($400-$500). Wacom should just license or sell out to Apple, so the next generation iMacs and displays can have Wacom pressure sensitive technology built in to them, along with TOUCH obviously. And I don't mean use those stupid touch pens with the fat foam ball on the end, but a true WACOM stylus, etc.
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| 5 years ago
Too bad Mudbox isn't compatible with the HD4000. Would be great as an "on the go" sculpt pad.
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