Wacom Cintiq Companion and Mudbox!

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In an attempt to answer some questions around preferred hardware configurations and Autodesk software, I decided to put up a couple of posts discussing this subject.  Recently, we took a look at the BOXX 4920 Workstation setup.  Now, let's take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum:  a portable tablet!  Now, when I travel, I typically haul around a monstrous laptop, and my Intuos Tablet and that is fine and dandy but not the most convenient for tight spaces.  Check out the Wacom Cintiq Companion.  Finally, the ability to take a fully functional PC, with the convenience of a tablet format, anywhere your travels (or creativity) may take you.   The even cooler news is that with the release of the Mudbox 2014 Extension, Mudbox supports Intel Graphics and is fully functional on this tablet!  This is something I've been craving for a looooong time.   Mudbox, Maya, SketchBook Pro, Photoshop, etc. on a tablet.........ANYWHERE!    The Cintiq Companion is available in 2 offerings:  a Windows 8 version and the "Hybrid", which is a Cintiq that can then be unplugged and used on the go as an Android tablet.   I have been using the Cintiq Companion (Windows 8 Pro version) for a few weeks now and it is really nice.   Here's a rundown on the specs:

Windows 8 Pro

Intel CORE i-7 processor

Intel HD Graphics 4000

8 gb RAM

512 gb SSD

13.3" full HD 1920X1080 Cintiq display with 2048 levels of pen pressure, multi-touch

2 USB 3.0 ports

video-out mini DisplayPort

By no means is this going to replace your workstation, but for on-the-go, sculpting and light-painting work, this works just fine and is very comfortable to use.

Also, the specs on the Wacom website mention that the battery life is 5 hours.....I just gave this tablet a good workout on a flight to AU2013 and I had Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, Word and Powerpoint open for nearly 3 1/2 hours and I still had PLENTY of battery life left.   I tweeted a photo I snapped on the flight while working with Mudbox at 40,000 feet...

Mudbox at 40,000 feet

Finally, I have put together a little video review of the Wacom Cintiq Companion and working with Mudbox...

Happy creating!


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| 7 years ago
Hi Craig, I currently testing it on the Cintiq Companion and it is very difficult to paint on Mudbox, I get strange colors burned, or it painted anything. Have you the same problems? I also seen lag on the 2015 release unlike the 2014 extension. You too?
Edited by PXceZ8Ag 7 years ago
| 7 years ago
Hi rileyk - The 2014 Extension release is only available to Subscription customers. So, unfortunately, it is not available for students at this time.
Edited by SmJ9PwEt 7 years ago
| 7 years ago
I am a student trying to run mudbox on a cintiq companion. Is the 2014 extension available for students?
Edited by CjGVj5hG 7 years ago