3D Tracking - NEW 5-Part Video Training Series

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Hi All,

I hope that everyone is well.  

I have just released a brand new 5-part series on 3D tracking.   This feature was introduced in Smoke 2015 and now here comes the training :)

Let's get started!

Compositing with 3D Tracking 

This video series will cover a workflow example of performing 3D tracking from beginning to end.

The series comprises of 5 parts and each part will cover specific topics.

PART 1 - Introduction to the Analyzer, setting it up and performing the first 3D track.

PART 2 - Refining the 3D tracking data for a more accurate camera solve.   Align the ground plane to work out the camera angle as well as set the real world measurements for 3D applications.

PART 3 - Creating either AXIS or Point Locators to composite with in Action.  Import a 3D model and align it to the shot using the point locators.  Learning to export a 3D camera and point cloud to other 3D applications for CGI work.

PART 4 - Create a shadow using lights and shadow cast node.  Use the Point Locators to align a surface for the shadow and create render outputs from Action.  The passes are combined with Comp nodes and a bit of blur and regraining is thrown in.

PART 5 - Use the Modular Keyer to isolate foreground elements in the shot and recomposite them back onto of the composited plate.  This brings any foreground detail in front of the composited 3D model.


Compositing with 3D Tracking
Recorded using Smoke 2015

Click this link to go to the 3D Tracking Playlist

As a reminder, the videos are available on the Smoke Learning Channel on YouTube or as podcasts on iTunes.

Comments, requests and feedback always welcome.

Have a great weekend and see you soon!



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