Animation - Curve Functions and their uses!

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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

Hi Everyone,

This week I was doing a short road-show in Amsterdam at the VFX2009 festival.  Many thanks to those who came and it was good to see some familiar faces!

This is the second part of our exploration into the animation tools behind Flame and Smoke.

Curve Functions

These little beauties perform useful operations without too much effort.  Performing operations like:

  • reversing a curve
  • negating a curve
  • averaging a curve
  • using jitter in animation
  • simplifying a curve
  • baking a curve from extrapolation or expressions
  • tangent left & right
  • translate left and right
  • colouring curves

I normally call these math operations because they perform functions which are almost expression like. 

This presentation is best viewed using full screen mode at 1:1

The features shown using the Flame & Smoke 2010 ext 1 release

One option that I didn't mention in the video was the Swap channel function.  This simply switches channels round.  For example if I wanted to swap the X channel with the Y channel.  Let me know if you ever need this function.

Feedback and suggestions is always welcome as per usual and dont be shy... I promise not to bite!

I hope everyone has had a great week and we'll cross paths again soon!

Signing off for now...


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| 9 years ago
I remember these functions have been around for a long time now, but never had such a "to the point" video about it, & I think its so much useful once you start using it everyday. Sincere Thanks Grant for such an effort.
| 10 years ago
I think a lot of people have been waiting for this Curve Function tutorial. Thanks, Grant, for putting in the time in! I wouldn't understand why anyone would use any other software after watching these blog videos! Impossible to beat! ;)
| 10 years ago
I love the fact that you gus are taking the time to slowly slowly go over all of these features.. its absoultly fantastic for beginers(and others) and i realy hope that you carry on... it is helping me emmensly and i can imagine doing wonders in raising awesrenss for these products.!!! please keep up this fantastic work!
| 10 years ago
OK, I found it!!
| 10 years ago
Is there a way to subscribe to this blog? I want to read it in NetNewsWire...
| 10 years ago
Is there a way to subscribe to this blog? I want to read it in NetNewsWire...
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