Autodesk Smoke for Final Cut Pro Users - PART 2 – Keying & Garbage Masking

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Hi Everyone

I hope that you enjoyed the kick off video to this new series.

Remember, this video series showcases Smoke for Final Cut Pro 7 users. So if you are a Final Cut Pro guy or know someone who is interested in Autodesk Smoke, than this is for you.

If you have just joined us, you can watch the first part:

1. Conforming an Apple ProRes timeline & Colour Correction

Today’s video …

Keying & Garbage Masking

The second video in this ten part series looks at how a Final Cut Pro 7 user has access to the keying and garbage masking tools in the Autodesk Smoke timeline. We’ll see how all these tools are neatly packaged in one part of the interface.

For this video series, I am joined by Rick Young - director, producer, Final Cut Pro Editor and author. (

PLEASE NOTE: This video series is intended as an overview of Autodesk Smoke. For step by step instruction, please visit

Check it out.

This video is best viewed at Full Screen HD

The features shown are current to Autodesk Smoke 2012 and Final Cut Pro 7

In the next video we will be looking at the basic editing and transition tools in Autodesk Smoke and seeing what they can offer Final Cut Pro users.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO PART 3 - Basic Editing & Transitions

Please keep the feedback and blog requests coming in as I am taking note of everything.

Please take care wherever you are.

Signing off for now.


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| 9 years ago
Hi Eui-Hwan Song, as far as I am aware, the only way you can achieve this is with slip and transparency which you have already worked out. I suggest posting your user question on the Smoke Forum ( ) in case other people might have suggestions to your questions. Regards Grant
| 9 years ago
Thanks again. and I wanna ask you about Compositing. If I have a 10 frames long clip and a 20 frames long clip for compositing, and with those clips, I wanna set the 10 frames long clip moved 5 frames in Action, How can I do it without Slip and Transparency options? I tried to find the way from Animation tap, but I could not. I am very used to After Effects, so if there is a way that is similar to After Effects. Please, Explain it to me. Cheers Eui-Hwan Song
| 9 years ago
Thanks for this, nice and concise, got training next week so a nice build up for it.