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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are well and had a good week.   Plese be aware that I'll be taking a small time out just before NAB in Las Vegas but the blog will be back soon in full force.  I'll be at the show so please come over and say "Hi" if you get the chance.

For this blog I decided to dig out an old topic which is very valid.  It will not only give you extra functionality when using the action 3D compositor but by also experiementing with it, you can get some really funky and interactive stuff.

Source Nodes in Action

The Source Nodes are valuable tools which can get you out of a problem really quickly or used creatively they can create interesting results.

In part 1, we look at the basic level, Source Nodes can be seen to adjust fronts and mattes/alphas individually from each other. But these Source nodes are actually 3D compositors as well. So using a Source node can lead to loads of pre-compositing with all the tools and can also be a major time-saver!

In part 2, we have a look at some of the settings within the Source Node and their implications. Using these settings you can fine tune and tweak your pipeline. There are also some more visual examples and uses of the Source Node.

Please note that I originally made these videos in Smoke 2010.  The main difference is the interface.  In the current release of Smoke, the action node bin and the media list both have their own separate menu.  There might be one or two minor differences but the explanations still remain the same.


Level: Intermediate
Software: Smoke 2010



This video is best viewed in Full Screen HD mode

The features shown are valid for Smoke 2010 for Mac




This video is best viewed in Full Screen HD mode

The features shown are valid for Smoke 2010 for Mac

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If you want to catch up on any videos you've missed or looking for something special, you can browse the videos at my TABLE OF CONTENTS for my blog.  Always kept up-to-date wth the latest and greatest!

To attend the Official Autodesk Smoke Training Classes, you can visit the Autodesk Training Schedule for dates and your nearest authorised training center.  This will give you a general all-round view of post production and visual effects in Autodesk Smoke

Take care wherever you are and see you again really soon.

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Thanks for this interesting summary!
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