Autodesk Smoke:  The Action 3D compositor – Part 1

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that everyone is well and having a great September!

Even though the northern hemisphere is heading to winter and the days are shorter in London, we're still heating things up with a brand new video series on Action to help you get up to speed and creating!

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Right on with the blog.

The Action 3D Compositor

For those of you who are new to Smoke or even the experienced artists, the Action 3D compositor is a very powerful tool.  

There is such a large amount of creative tools and the workflows number in the many.  You have to decide when it is a good idea to go into Action and when it is a good idea to stick with timeline compositing.

Well the first part of this video series will hopefully help you with this.

We look at the theory and principles behind Action as well as a detailed look into the interface, viewers and cursor commands.

This is all the great fundamentals to help you on your way or remind you of hidden gems!..

This video is best watched in full screen HD

The features shown are applicable to Smoke 2012 for Mac

In the next video we will look at the media pipeline in action.  How media is loaded into action, how does it fit into the action pipeline and how Action deals with media when Smoke separates the fill and alpha from an embedded media format.  That and more!

Click any of the links below to view other parts in the series:
Part 01: Action: The Fundamentals
Part 02: Action: The Media List
Part 03: Action: Image Objects & Schematic
Part 04: Action: Compositing in 3D Space
Part 05: Action: Surfaces & Blend Modes
Part 06: Action: Photoshop PSD & Instancing
Part 07: Action: Focused Lighting & Animation 
Part 08: Action: Cameras & 3D Models
Part 09: 3D Tweaking & Rendering
Part 10: Versioning with Clip History

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments below the blog post.

Next week, we're going old school - Capturing from tape!  

Take care where ever you are and see you again really soon.

Signing Off…


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| 9 years ago
Would be great to have some time devoted to using 3d tracks in Action and projecting on to planes/geometry's . also using 3d tracks maybe generated in other programmes
| 9 years ago
Hi Grant, Great Vlogs. I've been testing out Smoke for our post house, and are hopefully going to be purchasing soon. Been an Avid DS editor for 11 years and believe that Smoke is far superior at certain tasks. The Action module is one of those. I thank you for all your hard work, and keep those Vlogs coming. Great stuff. I have lots of beginner questions that hopefully your tutorials will answer. Pete