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Hi All.

I hope that you are well and "smoking" in post!

IBC 2013 is around the corner and Autodesk is gearing up as usual.   Can't say much more than that so you'll have to wait and see.   If you can attend, please come and say "hi" to the gang.   If you can't join us, we always have our live streaming feeds to the AREA so you never miss out.

I have created a new 5-part video series which I think most of you will enjoy.

Beauty Retouching

Have you ever met anyone who likes the way they look on camera?    

There might be a few in the world but they are few and far between.  Guaranteed in most post production scenarios, the dreaded question comes up, "Can you make me look younger?"

They always joking of course!   But are they really?

People are always striving for a better look and trust us to help them along the way.  

So here is a series that will show you how to remove spots and smooth out skin but still retain a realistic look without looking like a blurred flat pancake.  

Seriously, we do all these retouches as I mentioned but we also take great consideration for the image's grain pattern as it is crucial to finish off an effect but also make it more believable.

 Enjoy the series!

Introduction and Removing the Grain

Recorded using Smoke 2013 Extension 1

Spot Removal with Pixel Spread
Recorded using Smoke 2013 Extension 1

Skin Smoothing
Recorded using Smoke 2013 Extension 1

Returning the Detail
Recorded using Smoke 2013 Extension 1

Reintroducing the Original Grain
Recorded using Smoke 2013 Extension 1

The videos are also available on the Smoke Learning Channel on YouTube or as podcasts on iTunes.

Comments, requests and feedback always welcome.

Have a great week and see you soon!



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