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 Hi All

Well Munich went very well this week and it was great to meet everyone who attended...  We are still on the road for the next few weeks...  Next week it is Stockholm and London.  Please visit the Autodesk website for details!!!   Alternatively you could register via the following links!

Autodesk Smoke on Mac Launch Stockholm
Date: Tuesday 02 February 2010
Time: 2:00pm
Apple, Kungsgatan 49, 4th Floor,
Stockholm, SE-111 22
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Autodesk Smoke on Mac Launch Zurich
Date: Thursday 18 February 2010
Time: 2:00pm
Apple, Löwenstrasse 29, Zürich 8001
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I believe that there are also shows happening in France and Spain so please go to the Autodesk website to look for details!



This tool in Smoke is great if you are working on multiple timelines using the same material.  The way this tool works is by using the source tape name and timecode of the source footage.  When softFX are copied between timelines, smoke matches the metadata.  So where ever it matches, Smoke will copy the softFX with frame accuracy.  This even includes animation!!!

Check this video blog to see the tool in action!!!!

This video blog is best viewed at 1:1 with the full screen setting

The features shown are current to Smoke 2010 ext1 on Linux and Mac

So there you have it.  Such a tiny tool can make such a difference to how fast you can work.

Now remember these things:

  • CopyFX only  copies the timeline softFX.  Anything done on the desktop will have to be manually edited into the timeline
  • The softFX will only re-apply itself to the exact same source material.  If you want to copy a softFX from one shot to another, simply use the drag and drop method.
  • If you have source material in the timeline that have the same tape name and timecode, there may be an issue when the softFX are copied.  To be honest if you were conforming a timeline where all your sources have the same tape name and timecode, it would be a nightmare to start with !!!

I hope that all you guys have a great week and there will be another blog coming soon and keep the feedback coming in!

Take care where ever you are!!!


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| 11 years ago
If you created a PRE-BFX than it is possible to copy them exactly like the softfx. If you have used the POST-BFX (dark grey BFX icon) that this cannot be copied. I dont want to go into the technical reasons but that is how it works! Regards Grant
| 11 years ago
Thanks! How about BFXs? Is there a way to copy these as well? In the same smart way..
| 11 years ago
thank you.. editing the keyframes like that in the timeline... very cool!.. great content, speed and tone Grant thx again