NEW HOT TIPS VIDEO POST: Dealing with Gamma Shifting - Headroom or not, that is the question!

By Grant Kay - 10 Oct, 2012 - Smoke

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all well.   Pre-Release 5 is under way as I am sure you have guessed but in the mean time I have been working on something that will hopefully benefit everyone, newbie and advanced user alike.

I am launching a new type of video series to run along side the regular training videos on the Smoke Learning Channel.

These videos called "HOT TIPS" will be short 2 minute videos that focus on a specific feature or function in Smoke.

I thought since I have seen this topic discussed quite a bit lately on the , the first video will be about dealing with the QuickTime Gamma issue and resolving it with the HEADROOM Option.   

If this type of video becomes popular I'll make much more of them.

Available now on the Smoke Learning Channel on YouTube and coming to iTunes!

Comments and feedback welcome!



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