Smoke 2013 PR5 is released!!! Remember Official Training available on YouTube and on iTunes!!!

By Grant Kay - 22 Oct, 2012 - Smoke

Hi Everyone,

I am delighted to announce that we have released Smoke 2013 PR5 for public download.   If you have not already got it than please go get it now!!! 

This build has a ton of fixes and stabilities addressed.   There is still more to come but things are starting to be nailed down :)

Smoke 2013 - PR5

Well there is loads of fixes under the hood and well as stabilisations.    

Please dont worry if a concern of yours has not been addressed yet.   There is plenty to do and the team is working at warp speed!!!

I have released two new few videos on the Smoke Learning Channel today covering the pre-processing functionality in Smoke.   I am talking about all those tiny import settings you set up when importing media and how you can change them in the middle of an edit and even when working in the connectFX node based compositor.  Definitely worth a look!!!

I am always happy to receive feedback and comments and I try to answer everything.  But if you are having issues with Smoke 2013, please post on the official AREA forum so that our support will see it and others who have had similar experiences can help too.

Good reminder as always:

Please keep requests and feedback coming and thanks for your participation!

Have a great week!



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Grant.Kay | 5 years ago
Hi, We support GPU rendering on the graphics card available on your system. Without going into detail regarding what we use, I can say that It is not using the CUDA protocol. Be careful not to get the terms confused as they are not one and the same thing. GPUs are the actual processors and CUDA is a language which runs on the GPUs - parallel processing etc... which we do not support. Hope this clarifies. Regards Grant
Edited by Grant.Kay 5 years ago
basilthompson | 5 years ago
Hi Grant I noticed on another site that it says that GPU (cuda) support has been added - does that mean you can make use of a second GPU to assist with rendering?
Edited by basilthompson 5 years ago
Grant.Kay | 5 years ago
Hi Marco, I have answered your question on the Autodesk Smoke 2013 Forum. Regards Grant
Edited by Grant.Kay 5 years ago
Mac Leiton | 5 years ago
Hi Grant, I totally agree with you, the opportunity to use smoke has been great and I'm totally convinced about making the investment when the official version is out. Is worth the money. Just for the fact that saves so much time of round trips. I have one question though, I've been working with PR2... and just today I realized about the 3 versions that came afterward... Is it possible to upgrade my projects to the new version, or I just need to get PR3 and 4 to sequentially upgrade them, if so where I can find them :/ . I really want to try PR5 with those projects. And will the official release be able to read pre release projects? Kind Regards Marco Leiton
Edited by Mac Leiton 5 years ago
Grant.Kay | 5 years ago
Hi Pamentej, The whole point of the Pre-Releases is that we are developing Smoke and letting everyone try the features as we get them out. The bigger point is that you get to try them and give us feedback about how you would like them to work. Looking at the range of Pre-Releases that have been released, we have made so many changes based on what users have suggested and we will continue to do so. We have also stated very clearly that this software is pretty much "use at your own risk" as it is still in development. We also mentioned that we would be looking to release the software towards the end of this year. (Hopefully if there are no major issues). I will therefore disagree strongly with your statement that this has been pretty poorly handled. In fact, it is being handled exactly as we have stated in all our statements, posts and documentation. If you feel that you wish to wait for the actually release version than that decision is entirely yours. Others have already benefited greatly by using the software which has been free to use since April. Many thanks for your input. Regards Grant
Edited by Grant.Kay 5 years ago
pamentej | 5 years ago
We're getting a little tired of all the about releasing one stable pre-release and sticking with that? Who has the time to be constantly uninstalling and re-installing and testing a product that obviuosly isn't ready for full release yet. I think this has been pretty poorly handled overall.
Edited by pamentej 5 years ago