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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

If you haven't already guessed it, I have been quite busy in the background working on the upcoming pre-release of Smoke 2013.   Loads coming and its so exciting!!!

However, one point that has been raised a few times was the ability to download and watch the Smoke Learning Channel off-line.

In other words, it would be great to be able to download the Smoke Learning Channel training videos and watch the whenever you want.  

This could be in front of a Smoke system, on a train from work or even on holiday if you fancy.

I try take onboard as much feedback as possible and as a result, I decided to go down the podcast route with the iTunes. 

With that all said, may I introduce the


Please subscribe for the latest videos and enjoy.

More coming soon and all new videos on YouTube will also be added to iTune as well.

Thank you for all your feedback and comments and have a great week!



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| 8 years ago
@SteveFlores All the Smoke 2013 videos. The Legacy Smoke 2012 videos will probably not be done, however as time goes on I will be redoing them and add them to iTunes as well as YouTube. Besides, there are over 100 of them... Encoding and scripting the XML for iTunes would take a lifetime ;) But there is stuff still coming in Smoke which I need to focus on at the moment. @kanendosei Glad to hear that this is helping you out. Reading other peoples posts and listening to your show was enough to get the go ahead to do it. Thanks :)
Edited by b2GuPhyB 8 years ago
| 8 years ago
This is fantastic news. Watching these videos on Youtube was killing me.
Edited by pDvywprx 8 years ago
| 8 years ago
all videos? as in all? how about the old videos?
Edited by HGe6tiEK 8 years ago