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Hi All,

Many thanks for all the on-line as well as off-line feedback so far.  I will add everything to my list and hopefully cover them as time progresses on.  Please keep the feedback coming so that I know that I am on the right track.

As I said in my previous blog, I wanted to cover all aspects of the software.  However it would be painful for me and you just to spend weeks on one part of the software.  So I will throw in different topics each week.

So back to business...


Connecting the nodes!


This blog I would like to focus on the building separate animations in different axis nodes within action (our main compositor) and then bringing them all together to create a uniquely tuned movement.  This is definitely worthwhile because it makes it much easier to fine tune animations at any given point because you would visually know where each part of the animation is located in the schematic view.  It's all about connecting the nodes!

To illustrate this I have created a short 10 minute video example.  Hopefully you'll enjoy my lovely tones and get something out of this.

When playing this video, I suggest that you select the 1:1 option and go full screen for the optimum viewing!


The video was recorded in Smoke 2010 ext1 but everything applies to Flame 2010 ext1. 

Just a side node, the hot-key I mentioned in the tracker to delete keyframes - ALT+D - is for Smoke.  If you were doing this in Flame, you would use the Backspace button to delete the keyframes.

If I have left out anything else or you would like to add some more information, please feel free to comment at the bottom of the blog

Enjoy and see you again soon!


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| 9 years ago
Hi, to see the pop up menus working, you needs to go to this blog on animations. However if you watch the some of the most recent blogs, I also show using the contextual menus.
Hello Grant, How do you open that pop-up menu which brings "set keyframe, reset, select channel and copy channel" and other similar options?
| 9 years ago
What other part of the tutorial is missing?
| 9 years ago
Hello Grant.Where is the other part of this tutorial? Please add it.Thanks
| 9 years ago
Hello Grant. Love your tutorials. Towards the end of this tutorial, you added a KF and a menu popped up in the action axis menu. What is the hot key to do this? Thanks
| 10 years ago
It would be nice to have a video on how to conform from DPX files using an EDL.
| 10 years ago
Way to do it the right way... unlike what I did. :) Nice tip.. I learned something too.
| 10 years ago
Great tutorial Grant. Looking forward for the next one. Thank you. mak
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