Free FBX Review 1.1 is live!

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Hi all,

The latest release of FBX Review 1.1 is now live. FBX review is a free viewing application for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Store. View all types of models, animation, textures, DX shaders and more including format support for

.FBX, .DAE, . 3DS, .OBJ, .DXF, .BVH, .HTR, . TRC, .ASF, .AMC, .C3D, .AOA, .MCD

.iOS support and Almebic support coming..

Release notes

FBX Review v1.1 is now live on the Windows Store and Autodesk Exchange. 

What’s new in FBX Review v1.1?


- Features:

-Settings properly persisted across sessions

-Enable/disable back-face culling(enabled by default)

-Scene(file) name to the scene statistics heads-up display

-Menu pane(ESC key) for easier access to info


- Improvements:

-Loading screen look and resizing

-Time display to include fractional frames

-Texture search paths to try more locations

-Loading/rendering performance

-Memory use

-Samples available as download package

-Renamed "SMPTE" option in time display mode to "Timecode" for clarity


- Fixed issues with:

-OBJ material rendering completely invisible

-Crash on startup with some graphics h/w

-Texture not loading when not embedded

-Time bar slider sticking to random values using keyboard

-Imported camera orbiting not behaving

-Shadow maps when loading scenes with lights/shadows disabled and then turning them on

-Main controls background not rescaling properly > 1920x1080

-Inverted normals loading DXF files

-Crash loading OBJ files

-Intense specular blow-out affecting some materials

-Diffuse texture rendering as black material on some OBJ files

-Cameras using an up target not always correctly oriented

-Main controls hide with a single click/tap and not hide when using the mouse-wheel

-Zooming using default Maya controls (Alt+RMB) horizontally inversed

-Step forward/backward buttons/shortcuts not snapping back to closest frame

-Dynamic tessellation break mesh silhouette

-Cameras using aim/up target objects can be moved Anim

-Frank DeLise

Director Games Solutions Group

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