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Hi all,

What an awesome GDC, lots of great new tech and craziness in the game engine space. Its a great time to be a game developer.

If you werent there, we showed off the 2015 releases of Max, Maya, Maya LT, Mudbox, Motion Builder and our Gameware lineup.

We also had some great sponsered session, including the team at Sony working on Killzone titles. They are doing some amazing work putting Killzone engine into the Maya viewport and its just killer. You can live create while your in engine..

Some other cool stats about the game


We also had a great opportunity to see Lost Toys Game developed with Maya LT, what a great concept.. Check it out


As for Max 2015 and Maya 2015, we added some great new additions to the tools aimed at game development.

For one, Shader FX was added to both products! The reason we did this is so that game assets and thier shaders can be shared from product to product easily. In fact I am working on some tech to have the shaderFX graph to travel inside the FBX file..

If you havent seen shader FX, check it out:


For Maya LT 2015, we packed it full of new features from modeling, geodesic skinning, IK tools, scripting, increased polycounts, cloud interop and much more.. Make sure to check out the latest product page.


Its going to be a fun year..


-Frank DeLise


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| 5 years ago
Hi T.I. I wanted to let you know that ShaderFX in FBX is high priority for us internally, so stay tuned! Thanks, Remi
Edited by ln9KuwXF 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
Frank, a tad late in posting a comment!? but wanted to say something about "In fact I am working on some tech to have the shaderFX graph to travel inside the FBX file..". I'm currently evaluating Unreal 4 and Unity game engines, and one of the things I'd most like to see Maya=>engine is the ability to take my DX11 uber shader definitions, and or ShaderFX defs, directly into an engine and not have to then manually restate same in the engine. Of course, part of that ideal solution is probably outside your control, but anything you guys can do to get the shader data into .FBX is a step in the right direction. Then "we" can lean on the engine vendors to read that data and do some automatic translation as needed into their own shader definitions.
Edited by h5juz8ER 5 years ago
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