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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

Howdy all!

We wanted to take a minute to tell you about some new videos on YouTube that will help new users learn how to use Maya LT.

We know that getting into the world of 3D and game development in general can be a challenge; it is a completely new way of thinking about creating artistic assets. Using 3D tools can be pretty intimidating because it’s often a lot more involved than 2D drawing programs (just compare Sketchbook to Maya, for example)!

This new Maya LT 101 tutorial series is really aimed at a pure beginner who has never touched a 3D program before. We often see videos that skip over the most basic parts of using a 3D tool, so in this series we provide 11 videos that cover some of the basics of 3D art creation:

  • Navigating the UI
  • Creating a project and saving your scene or assets
  • Options in the viewport and how to navigate the viewport
  • Using the HotBox (a special quick-access menu in Maya LT)
  • How to use Selection and Transformation tools

To wet your appetite, here's the first video in the series on creating a project in Maya LT. You can watch the rest of the series here.

As with everything, we need lots of feedback to make sure we are on-target with our tutorial content. If you are new to 3D or new to making games, check out the tutorials and leave comments either on YouTube or this post. This is the same way we are developing Maya LT – based directly on feedback, so community involvement is super critical!

We’ve also got more videos coming soon, covering intermediate level functionality of Maya LT, and some special topics like working with Unity. Stay tuned!

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| 7 years ago
Hi Jocelyn & Wes... It's Tony Abboud from Lebanon... I'm new to the 3D world and Maya... I'm willing to learn this fantastic program... I just want to thank you both... I truly appreciate what you're doing guys... posting free tutorials... Cause to be honest I can't afford to pay for a tutorial these days... So THANK YOU SO MUCH...
Edited by L9TSjVCx 7 years ago