Maya / Maya LT 2017 Update 3 - UV Editor Improvements - Part 2

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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

This week wraps up the rest of the UV Toolkit and UV editor improvements to Maya 2017 (and for Maya LT!)in Update 3. Here's what we'll cover in the video (below):

  • Basic operations of tools such as Grab, Pinch, and Lattice.
  • A more detailed explanation of the new Symmetrize tool.
  • The Transform tools, including the new Prevent Negative Scale feature when scaling UVs.
  • Cutting & Sewing tools.
  • Alignment & Layout tools.
  • The new Quad Draw enhancements.

UV Toolkit Part 2

Most notable in this week's walk-through of the UV Toolkit is the new symmetrize tool for UVs. UVs can now be copied across a line of symmetry using an interactive painting method. This new functionality means that the UV Editor now features all the same symmetry controls as the Modeling toolkit in Maya/ Maya LT.

In addition to this, a few other things stand out in the updated UV Editor, including the new 3D UV Cut and Sew tool which allows for drawing UV seams in the 3D viewport. While this feature is not covered in the video, I did create a short animated GIF Tweetorial last week that covers its use. Check it out here:

Also, the UV Editor now remembers the last component mode selected while working on the mesh. In other words, if the current selection is face editing mode in the 3D viewport, when the UV Editor is opened, it will also be in face editing mode.

Quad Draw Improvements

Video Timecode - 14:12

Quad Draw rendering has been enhanced in 2017 Update 3. It now renders properly over a live mesh without z-fighting no matter how large of a quad is drawn. The color and alpha (transparency) can be adjusted as well. Many operations now properly support Quad Draw polygons as well, including Surface Offset and the Multicut tool. The Surface Offset can be tweaked dynamically, as additional quads are added to the mesh. These quads will respect the offset, but still be connected to the rest of the quads.

Quad Draw polygons can now be created in holes of a mesh to fill them in. The dots or vertices of a Quad Draw polygon will float in the approximate location where Quad Draw expects them to be based upon the polygons surrounding the hole to be filled.

Switching between Quad Draw and Multicut is now facilitated via the keyboard shortcuts Control-Shift-Q and Control-Shift-X respectively. Every operation of the Multicut tool will work properly with a Quad Draw mesh now, including respecting Surface Offset.

Enjoy this week's walkthrough below. As always, if you have any questions or comments, post them below or on Youtube!

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