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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

We’ve made several UV improvements and added some exciting
new modeling tool updates so you can work faster than ever before.

Here’s what’s new in Maya LT 2018:


We heard you: UV mapping can be a pain. We’ve been improving the UV tools in Maya and Maya LT over several major releases, and the 2018 release continues to focus on UVs. We’ve revamped the UV editor to simplify the UI and added new features and simplified workflows. We’ve also introduced a new intelligent stacking feature that lets you stack similar UV shells, automatically redistribute UVs for even spacing, and constrain the movement of UVs along edges so you can spend less time on UV work.

Get excited about your hard surface and technical modelling tasks with performance improvements in Boolean tools and a new circularize tool that creates flattened disc surfaces on any mesh.

Sculpt your heroes and heroines much easier with new support for topological symmetry. We’ve also made flooding available for most brushes to let you make speedier adjustments across the entire mesh.


Maya LT’s modern Time Editor featuring features a new workflow for defining custom root(s) for relocator objects allowing for better control over offsetting of clips. Also, Time Editor clips can now be looped progressively, so that cycles project forward.

We’ve also polished the Graph Editor workflow based on your feedback. The curve selection and move interaction is adjusted to be like the Classic Graph Editor’s workflow; autoframe has been fine-tuned; non-weighted curves are the default curve type on creation; and multiple tangents on selected keys can be moved easily without having to select each tangent. If you’re the organized type, you’ll be happy to learn colors can now be customized in the Modern Graph Editor.


The viewport in Maya LT 2018 introduces transparent shadows that cast accurate 1-bit shadows and ambient occlusion (SSAO) through cards with transparent texture maps, so you can see your viewport shadows in scenes. We’ve also made several bug fixes including performance improvements.

Want to get your voice heard? You can submit requests andvote on other user requests in the Maya LT Forum here.

Learn more about what’s new in this release here.

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| 2 years ago
huh? Did vector displacement map based stamping "not" actually make it to "whats new list" and sculpting documentation page for Maya LT 2018? Empty link here ( actually targets sculpt symmetry feature ) And no reference I could find in the docs? What am I missing please? :)
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