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Hi all,

I am super excited about the reception of Maya LT thus far, its off to a great start and indie developers are putting it through its paces.

For those of you that are not familiar with Maya LT, its a version of Maya aimed at indie game development at a price that is affordable for all. For $50 a month, you get full maya modeling, animation tools, shader FX, texture baking and much more. Its just the beginning and we have a lot in the works that will continue to add value games workflows.

Great updates are coming for Maya LT in the next couple of weeks that I wanted to share. First, we increased the FBX poly limit to a per object of 65k polygons on export, allowing you to create advanced characters or assembling large worlds. Additionally, we added a special workflow with Unity that allows you to "Send to" Unity directly. This allows you to access your project files from Maya LT and export UNLIMITED polycounts to Unity projects. Thats right, there are no limits what you can do with LT and Unity.

For more info, follow me on twitter

Frank DeLise
Director Games Solutions 

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| 6 years ago
Nice tips, still hoping to see soon or later a 3DS Max Full/LT for Mac OS.
Edited by JGYxyQTk 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Hi RioMIV, I'm no longer the PM of 3ds max, my role is Director of Games Solutions. I cover games features for all our products. Chris Young now leads up 3ds max in a VP role, however there are industry leads\teams like myself whom contribute to 3ds max and other products. As we get closer to release on 3ds max, I will blog about the new games features my team is working on. -Frank
Edited by mt6XovA4 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
My thought is wrong. I suppose to see development news of "3dsmax" mostly from your blog as you're PM after Ken Pemental. Autodesk seem not show any news or roadmap or xbr of 3dsmax. ... anyhow congratulation to Maya LT... will it have 3dsmax LT?
Edited by tGtgVQjh 6 years ago
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