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Hey, hey!

Can you believe it? My favorite app, Mudbox for $10 a month? AND... AND... perpetual licenses have been slashed down to $495! On top of that, can you believe I've written two blog posts in as many days? This is a good omen. :)

Well, this post is kind of short actually, but I wanted to let everyone know that Paul Kind and I have created a few new video tutorials for Mudbox and Maya LT workflows for all you game makers out there.

You can watch them all on the Mudbox Youtube playlist here: Mudbox Youtube Videos

Paul Kind has created a Mudbox Intro video as well as another of his great DOTA 2 workflow videos showing how to customize the Medusa hero character using Maya LT and Mudbox.

I've started a new tutorial series on creating game environment art. It will potentially be an ongoing series, not just a limited series. Direct link to the first video is here: Watch Me!

Lots more coming. The footage for the bridge is all captured. I just need to finish editing and upload. Keep an eye out for the rest of the vids over the coming week or so.

Romanesque Bridge

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| 5 years ago
Thanks Matthew, I'm gonna bug our resellers to see when and if this will become available to SA.
Edited by H4lOmlW3 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
Hi guys, Sorry but I don't know how long this deal will run for, and I can't speculate on that type of stuff for legal reasons. There are only two options - monthly sub for $10 USD or perpetual for $495 USD. As to being available in other countries, It is also available in... Europe - Spain (which is part of Europe obviously! :)) - Australia - Japan - And potentially some other places. These are just the ones I know of.
Edited by AwiOGIPm 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
Ok, so they've removed the Annual Subscription option and I just found out from a local (South African) reseller that it's only available for US Residents :/
Edited by H4lOmlW3 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
Is this price for countries outside US/Canada ? Sounds good.
Edited by fViy1J0y 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
Hi, I see that the Annual Subscription is $250, which obviously works out more expensive than Monthly subs. Is the subscription price for a limited time only?
Edited by H4lOmlW3 5 years ago
| 5 years ago
surprised they dropped the price and are only subbing it for 10 a month.
Edited by qnDE3msn 5 years ago
*Save $66 per month on Autodesk's Suggested Retail Price (SRP) when purchasing 1 year term 3ds Max or Maya subscription.