Stingray VR Museum : A Guided Tour

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The inventive content developers for Stingray have created something special to open up the world of VR to users. In the VR learning museum, you have the opportunity to learn and play simultaneously as you become acquainted with the tools you need to create your own interactive world. Join me as I guide you through Stingray's online downloads, where you'll expand your VR know-how through fun, straight-forward examples that lay the foundation for your own exploration of this unique VR kit.

Moving Objects

Interested in just how real a physical environment can feel in Stingray? The beauty of VR and Game Physics become virtually tangible when you use the Vive controller: Try picking objects up, moving them, or even throwing them if you feel the urge.

Percussion Instruments

Mix things up in VR by testing out sound triggers using percussion instruments. Stingray's VR Museum let's you beat on conga drums, pick up and smack the cow bell for that crisp ding, swing a mallet and revel in the lasting resonance of a gong, and play the bars of a xylophone with a smaller mallet. And if you're particularly curious, you can take the instruments apart to see how they're constructed.

Interior Design the Easy Way

Be your own Picasso in this scene and experiment with various color palettes and textures using the color picker. If you make a mess of the objects that serve as your canvas, no problem: just press reset.

Useful Things

A game can incorporate a multitude of custom objects. These three practical examples give you insight into the possibilities: The flashlight dims the environment lights and enables its own, a useful feature of any horror-style or exploration-style game. The bubble gun is lighthearted fun, and yet with a little tweaking it can be turned into just about any type of projectile launcher. The remote control hovercraft can glide all around the environment and can be turned into an avatar of many a game.


As simple as an on/off switch may be, it is an intrinsic element of many VR games and arc-vis environments. Turn it on, turn it off and open it up to learn just how it functions.

Be an Astronaut

You don't float -- but everything else does. Check out how objects react to Zero-Gravity by toggling the lever.

Super Bouncy Ball

Throw this ball in any direction you please. It's just as much fun as the real thing, only this one you won't lose.

Steam Pipe

Using physical constraints, you can turn this steam pipe on and off with the rotating wheel.

Honey I Shrunk Myself!

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a mega-giant and a tiny ant at the same time? Now you can! Just press that green button.

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| 3 years ago
I know this is a little bit old, but, i need to change to Oculus Rift instead HTC Vive, how do I porceed?