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[Now current to 3ds Max 2016] // This document is not official Autodesk marketing or tech documentation.  The original idea was to provide myself and others a means of quick access to feature-highlights for various releases of Autodesk 3ds Max going back to version 2008.  This is NOT a full, comprehensive list of everything from any particular release, but simply a list of what I feel are “Significant 3ds Max Features by Release” (to drive discussions and demonstrations).   Thanks to Rodrigo for the layout!


Also, the online help files for 3ds Max 2016 are now available HERE
[edit] Two more links off the web that go further back before r2008 are HERE and HERE
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| 3 years ago
Yeah, sry about the misplaced nagging, it's just that when things get stacked up inside you for a while they are bound to explode st some point, somewhere with the right trigger. Anyways, back to the list, now "BOXES 2/3" are put in 2015, which is just as misleading to be honest. As far as I know the only new enhancements to pflow in 2015 are the presets(that I know you've pushed for them to get integrated, thanks) and the New UI.
Edited by m.rud 3 years ago
| 4 years ago
Please note the UserVoice forums are the place to voice wishlists. the document was updated last night for clarification already. please re-download thnx!
Edited by visualz 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Thanks for this. As for the(a) Clone modifier, the fact that it is so well known(even among people inside Autodesk), so needed and strongly requested for both in uservoice and other places and yet isn't part of the base package is nothing short of disappointing in my opinion. Sorry for the gloomy response but this was just one of those things that (simply put)pisses me off about Max's development. Btw, it's a bit misleading that you've simply put 'Particle Flow' and 'State Sets' in 2015, maybe some clarification in parentheses next to them? just my 2cent. Again thanks for the list.
Edited by m.rud 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
correct. Clone.DLU was licensed from itoosoft with one of the sample scenes. its a powerful plugin they typically give away and there is a 2015 recompile ready. This little gem is like a modifier version of the Array tool which makes it animatable. Very poerful for motion graphics, among other things. stack them up and play! for more history going further back that r2008, here's 2 links: http://wiki.cgsociety.org/index.php/3ds_Max_History http://area.autodesk.com/maxturns20/history i have also added these to the original post up above for future reference. //gD
Edited by visualz 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
My guess is the itoosoft clone plugin. http://www.itoosoft.com/freeplugins/clone.php
Edited by ChipWeatherman 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
So, what is clone.dlu that was introduced with Max 2011? Google doesn't know about it. Nice post, though. I'd like to see a list of features added in earlier versions, too.
Edited by dpool 4 years ago