Autodesk Composite Now FREE (and how to set it up for realtime playback)

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Now that Autodesk Composite is FREE, I thought I would take a moment to show users the proper way to set up the disk-based caching for the best performance possible.  In this example, I forego using a SSD or RAID0 in favor of a Fusion ioFX card for caching and playback.

Some feature highlights of Autodesk Composite include

  • Disk based caching & playback
  • Full 32bit, floating point pipeline (in all tools)
  • Photolab node
  • "Motio" motion estimation
  • Blur tool that supports motion vectors (moblur) and Z-depth (DOF) in one node
  • Python scripting
  • Vector paint
  • Stereoscopic toolset
  • Options for 2D node-based, layer-based and/or 3D compositing 
  • 3D compositing environment supports lights, cameras and FBX support (aka "Reaction" node)



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| 4 years ago
On the download page it say composite 2015, but when you hit the download button the filename has 2014 as version. Is that normal and is this newer then the composite version what came with 3ds max 2014?
Edited by rC175JKu 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
i guess it just depends on what you use photoshop for. Composite by design can work with extremely high resolution images due to a tileing architecture under the hood. the disk caching mentioned in this video pages stuff to disk. to go a little deeper, each image is broken down into tiles and of multiple resolutions, so if for example, youre on a monitor display of 1920x1080 but working on a 4000x3000 image, Composite will never need to load the full image to display it. if you zoom out to see it all, its using lower res tiles. all this is automatic and in the background. one maybe not-so-obvious benefit over photoshop is the timeline and ability to render a series of sequentially numbered stills and treat them like an animaiton. even if your final deliverable is print, this allows you to do a series of effects to a bunch of images at the same time and not over and over to a still (like a paint program typically needs to do) //gD
Edited by Gs4P24LQ 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Gary hi Can Composite replace Photoshop in a Stills images workflow ? I would like to try using its tools for compositing Still architectural renders. I tried to use it once or twice but wasn't sure how to output to big (4000x3000 pixel) images. Cheers NIR
Edited by fViy1J0y 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
I dont know - i am not part of that development team. i primarily work with and deal with the shipping releases and help the community with those tools.
Edited by Gs4P24LQ 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Does this mean that there will be no further development or bug fixing for this software? I really like Composite, but it sure has it's limitations and issues.
Edited by Y1G2xUZ3 4 years ago