Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques in 3ds Max

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This is from the Autodesk Masterclass series for SigGraph 2009.  Originally posted on the AREA website, for some reason it got cut off in the fourth video.  This is a re-posting of the entire presentation with the exception of the very ending.  I intentionally cut off the links from this video as they have changed.  

These techniques are often called "cartoon" and while animation and cartoons are what got me into this career at an early age, I personally avoid using that term when describing these particular shading and rendering techniques to customers.  This is largely because "the C-word" often has negative connotations of children, childish things etc.  Please consider this non-photorealistic, stylized, technical illustration etc. **unless** you are specifically discussing cartoons with your clients.  Trust me!

Since the time of this recording, there have also been more features added to 3ds Max for non-photorealistic rendering.  Most notably are the Nitrous Stylized Viewport options available to the Quicksilver GPU rendering engine.  Several of those workflows are featured on another of my previous blog posts from Autodesk University 2011 >>>  HERE.


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| 5 years ago
ooooooh thats looking goooood. please keep this thread updates to when its ready! AWESOMETOWN.
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| 5 years ago
Regarding the NPR options for Nitrous and Quicksilver: I'm currently implementing a better tweak dialog for the NPR paramaters in PowerPreview (including copy/pasting between viewports and preset saving etc.. ). UI is fully dynamic ( switch viewport -> UI adapts to the available options/settings etc...) See the screenshot here [url=]NPR Tweaker UI[/url] Let's hope no incoming contract work tries to steal time away from PowerPreview development again ...
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