CBS Digital: Virtual Production to "Stranger Things" VR

By April Robinson - 11 Aug, 2017 - Maya

"Netflix wasn't sure how "Stranger Things" was going to do, so this experience was meant to help promote it. They wanted to take it to the best immersive level that they could: picking up objects, opening a door...with users] somewhere between VR and reality...
We ended up creating 195 versions to achieve the final [result]."

– Jim Berndt, Head of VR Production, CBS Digital

As part of our 2017 Siggraph Vision Series, Craig Weiss (Creative Director, Founder) and Jim Berndt (Head of VR Production) of CBS Digital talk about creating the "Stranger Things Virtual Experience," and the convergence of virtual production and VR.

Environments: 2:23 | Virtual Production: 6:40 | Stranger Things Experience: 19:09

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