Joel Pennington: How AR and VR impacts design

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“I’ve been trying to bring the technology we [in Media and Entertainment] use every day in Film and TV and make it work for designers – because designers are trying to tell stories, too.

What I’m hoping is, when you leave this presentation, you’ll think, ‘Maybe I can help drive with my expertise the progression of storytelling within the design community.’”

–Joel Pennington, AR and VR Strategy and Development at Autodesk


Autodesk's customers tell us that immersive experiences will help them perceive their designs as though they’re physically present: allowing creators and consumers to better predict and make more informed decisions about space and artistry. Tomorrow's designers, makers, and artists will simply work with their CG data through AR and VR to get the job done better and faster.

As a world leader in 3D design software and deep knowledge of Media & Entertainment, Autodesk is in a unique position to leverage new creative immersive technologies to build tools that will usher in the Future of Making Things. Joel Pennington, AR and VR Strategy and Development, explains.


Watch more from the Autodesk Vision Series, recorded live at SIGGRAPH 2017 --> SIGGRAPH 2017 - Vision Series


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