Boldly into virtual reality: The Molecule’s rise with VR

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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

VR has impacted life at The Molecule – a lot. With over 25 experiences under their belt and nearly triple that scheduled in the coming months, the bi-coastal VFX studio is living proof that the immersive medium opens doors to both creativity and opportunity. See how they’ve boldly made the leap into virtual reality and never looked back.

"Traditional VFX and CG artists have a huge advantage if they want to get into VR. If you know Maya, I can show you how to do VR inside of Maya."

 – Chris Healer, CEO/CTO/Founder, The Molecule

For more on The Molecule's work in VR scripted series, INVISIBLE, read:

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And for more on The Molecule and their use of Maya and Shotgun in VR, watch:

Journey to VR: Interview with The Molecule

The Shotgun Team visits The Molecule

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