Switching Cameras in an Animation in 3ds Max

By Louis Marcoux - 19 Oct, 2009

Here is new set of videos covering different techniques to switch cameras in an animation in 3ds max. Either it's for a pre-viz project or a visualization walkthrough from multiple points of view, you'll see how to create a camera switch to cut from one camera to another in a single animation.

In this first video, you'll see how to use the batch render tool to sequence multiple cameras one after the other to produce a single animation sequence.
Here, you will see how to create a camera switch with a camera that links to all the cameras in the scene. It's a quick setup but it has some limitations.
In this video, you'll discover a very flexible technique to switch cameras that allows moving keyframes to change the timing of shots and that takes into account the FOV of the scenes camera.
Since the previous technique is very useful but can take time to setup, i wrote a small max script that sets it up for a scene. The script can be found here:
userdata/fckdata/4952/CameraSwitcherV2.rar (updated on October 21st 2009).
And this video explains how to use the script and how to set it up.

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Richard.Vivanco | 1 year ago
Can you reload again the videos please
Edited by Richard.Vivanco 1 year ago
JDVA3D | 1 year ago
I cant see the videos :(
Edited by JDVA3D 1 year ago
azad jannati | 2 years ago
Thank you so much
Edited by azad jannati 2 years ago
gar.a | 5 years ago
Hi Louis, Brilliant idea and something that's been very much needed for a long time, well done. It seems to be a simpler approach than using video post too. I may be over-looking something but when I set up all my cameras with CAMERA SWITCHER and close the file... I loose all the CAMERA SWITCHER info when I re-open the file!?? Any ideas/suggestions?
Edited by gar.a 5 years ago
deathevor | 5 years ago
Thanks for plugin. Would be really nice to have option to add new cameras, or at least save keyframes for existing ones.
mmansour26 | 5 years ago
Dear louis , I have also an important ques. ........... if I made let's say 4 Cameras , cam 1 ( start at 0 ,and end at 150) , cam 2 ( start at 151 ,and end at 250) , cam 3 ( start at 251 ,and end at 350)... etc Does your Techniques works with me , OR i have to made each Camera animation in the whole of the Time Line ( from 0 to 350) .. for example
mmansour26 | 5 years ago
Dear Louis , first o all we need the project scene to follow up with you , and second we need to know if the script you put here is working for all versions o Max ----- specially --- 2011 please answer soon
adel adili | 5 years ago
Dear Louis , Why in the solutions you have used everything except the video post because it can be one of the best ways for camera Switching Besides; it can have dissolve effect . Video post is ignored these days . Tanx :)
Bert Van Eeckhout | 5 years ago
Thanks a lot. After searching a while for a good camera editing tool in max. This is the best one. Does somebody know how to show the video post result in a viewport without rendering it out first ? I like the idea of visual editing with the video post sliders. But can't find a way to show the result :-(
Edited by Bert Van Eeckhout 5 years ago
mhouse777 | 5 years ago
Hi, I keep getting the error , "batch render not found" when I run the Camera switcher.bat. I have the .bat file in the installation directory - still won't work....any help would be appreciated.
kurt_hectic | 6 years ago
IMPORTANT: I have found a way to use scripts lots of times and add new cameras! When you done the job and and after some time you want to add some cameras you can't do that because script firstly delete camera called ___CAMERA_SWITCHER___ and whole work at the same time- as it was mentioned in the tutorial. But if you rename old ___CAMERA_SWITCHER___ to ___CAMERA_SWITCHER___1 and then use the script you can easily add camera switcher as normal camera and have old work, plus you can add new cameras, even on the middle of the time line. Just use key frames to switch between new cameras and old camera switcher (also a camera object!) simple as that ;)
SuperCoon | 6 years ago
I agree, it needs to be integrated.
kurt_hectic | 6 years ago
integrate that switcher with max, please. It's really good.
yepai85 | 6 years ago
Thanks a million !!!!!
baldeagle | 6 years ago
Just Can't thank you enouph for all of your tutorials.
chushl | 6 years ago
Dude, I don't know you, but I assume you are a great person from the way you sound. I registered to the site so just so I can write down a comment and thank you. Amazing tutorial I have been searching for a tool like this for years, thank you once again! Wish you all the best.
Kentzin | 6 years ago
Hello!!! thanks a lot!!!! I really like your tutorial!!
Bardipper | 7 years ago
Very helpful script and the tutorial developed the idea very well. Thanks.
SuperCoon | 7 years ago
Will this script work in 2010?
MADAWEB | 7 years ago
Merci pour le partage.
Love it! very nice script...really useful, thanks you so much for sharing the script and the videos on how to use it.
Bernard Lappe | 7 years ago
very nice tutorial. thanks for the script
Louis Marcoux | 7 years ago
I wrote this script in 3ds Max 2010 so i am using the latest set of Max Script commands. Some of those commands may not be supported in earlier versions of 3ds Max.
Samarq | 7 years ago
Nice Work Mr.Marcoux! I was testing it on my max9x32. I am receiving an error message as below: ====== --Syntax error:at-,expected <rollout clause> --In line: button BTN_Camera_camera-s ========= Does it mean it wont work in max9? is there any solution if it works in max9? Cheers Sam
jamsurf | 7 years ago
Great . The script goes perfectly , if i would know maxscript ( on a near future , i must go for it ) , i will add the option of make the camera switcher , after finally made like user wants , independent of the other cameras , for posible export to other aplications via fbx , etc ... or for a real time engine ,..... .
Louis Marcoux | 7 years ago
Yes you can. You can setup render presets (in the render dialogs) to defing how you want to render each camera. If you create the FG map from the cameras in incremental mode, then you can reuse the FG maps in read only mode.
jamsurf | 7 years ago
With this technique , batch render , and camera switching , is there any way of use render elements and fg maps saved incrementally ?
Louis Marcoux | 7 years ago
For those who had issues with the script, use the new version (CameraSwitcherV2.rar file above in the blog) that i have uploaded today. My friend Larry helped me find a way around the weight controller scaling and now it works like a charm.
SuperCoon | 7 years ago
Way cool! Thanks!
Louis Marcoux | 7 years ago
Hello, I found the issue... I actually had the SAME issue recording the videos but i re-ran the script and it worked fine the second time.... BUT, the issue is there and it shows when the script sets the weight value of the controllers: sometimes it ends up at 100.0, sometimes it ends up at 1.0... It is inconsistent and every time i run the script, i get different cameras to not pop in the right transforms. If you look at the list controllers for FOV, Position and Rotation for the cameras that don't work, you'll see the weight value is at 1.0. I'll find a solution and i'll upload a new script if i find it! :)
tunit | 7 years ago
I also have the same problem with the script in max 2010x64 else this is most definitely a tool that I'd like to use in my productions... T
AnarchyRising | 7 years ago
Nice tutorial Louis! Taught me a lot. @Titane357, maxscript should work globally between x86 and x64. I'll check though when I get home to my x64 installation.
titane357 | 7 years ago
Hello Mr Marcoux, Nice tutorials, this is something I was looking for a long time !!! Your script automate the process and it is good. Bad thing is that your script don't work for me (max 2010 x64). Camera switcher seems to have correct controllers applied, but when clicking on script button weight is not applied correctly. Do I am the only one ?
mahi | 7 years ago
Pretty cool. I always thought a tool like this should be part of 3ds Max. Thanks.