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Last modification: 7 Dec, 2017

You can grab  3ds Max Interactive 2.0 and Revit Live 2.0 from Autodesk Account or using to Autodesk Desktop App.


What's new in 3ds Max Interactive 2.0:
  • Physically-based lights. Use data from real-world lights to create a realistic distribution of light in your scene.
  • Clear coat is now more energy conserving, which reduces bloom when using a clear coat material.
  • A new shading environment property lets you disable default tone mapping, and extend tone mapping through a custom plugin.
  • Add frequently used assets or folders as favorites in the Asset Browser.
  • The Capture Frames tool now supports PNG format, plus additional codecs.
  • The Deployer supports bundling a project in a self-extracting zip file instead of creating an installer when you use the Deployer panel to create a standalone package of your project for Windows. See the Self Extracting Zip option in Package the project for Windows.
  • Updated Project Manager.
  • Scripters and programmers can now debug a project’s Lua code from the Visual Studio Code editor.
  • Complete 3ds Max Interactive documentation is now available within the 3ds Max Help.

What's new in Revit Live 2.0:

  • Direct import of .lvsc in 3ds Max Interactive 2.0
  • Fly through the scene (and through walls and floors)
  • Faster Revit Live Service
  • Control in Revit which views are included
  • Measure and Pointer tools in VR mode
  • For more details please see: What's new in Live 2.0


Quick note in case you're downloading Revit Live 2.0 from Autodesk Account:.

The filename is still Autodesk_LIVE_V1_EN_Win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe, so you might think it's stil version 1 but it does install version 2.0!



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| 3 years ago
Until when support for 3ds Max Interactive was provided, or in which version it stopped coming out, this because of the statement that they stopped making their own software and better to work hand in hand with Unity developers. Thanks
| 3 years ago
Hello. I have 3DS Max 2018 and am running Interactive 1.8. I cannot find the Interactive 2.0 update from my account nor desktop app. I was able to update Live to 2.0 however. Anyplace else I can get the Interactive update from?
| 3 years ago
Hi Kief, Revit 2015 and later should be fine (that's turning around what the "What's New in Live" says: Revit 2014 is no longer supported.)
| 3 years ago
Do you need Revit 2018 to access Revit Live 2.0?