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To make it easier to get a good view of carpark, we want to create couple of hot key that will activate preset camera position. To that we first need to capture the camera position, and the easiest way would be to place it the way we want and then print the position and rotation.

In the next post, we will use these values to change the camera viewpoint when you hit the keyboard button,

The way we capture the values is using a Get Active Camera node in combination with Get Camera Local Position and Get Camera Local Rotation node. We will need to convert the Vector and Rotation to String so that we can print them in the console when we hit the keyboard button.

Continue from the post “Randomizing colors on demand” or download project “here” and open Level “camera switcher with hotkey_Start_part1”



  1. Create a “Get Active Camera” node (Camera - Get Active Camera)
  2. Create a “Get Camera Local Position” node (Camera - Get Camera Local Position)
  3. Create a “Get Camera Local Rotation” node (Camera - Get Camera Local Rotation)
  4. Hook the “Camera” & “unit” of “Get Active Camera” to the “Camera” & “unit” of “Get Camera Local Position
  5. Hook the “Camera” & “unit” of “Get Active Camera” to the “Camera” & “unit” of “Get Camera Local Rotation
  6. Create a “Vector to String” node (Convert - Vector to String)
  7. Hook the “Position” of “Get Camera Local Position” to the “Vector” of “Vector to String
  8. Create a “Rotation to String” node (Convert - Rotation to String)
  9. Hook the “Rotation” of “Get Camera Local Rotation” to the “Rotation” of “Rotation to String
  10. Create a “Concatenate” node (Utilities – String – Concatenate)
  11. Hook the “Value” of “Vector to String” to the “A” of “Concatenate
  12. Hook the “Value” of “Rotation to String” to the “B” of “Concatenate
  13. Create a “Debug Print” node (Debug – Debug Print)
  14. Hook the “Value” of “Concatenate” to the “Text” of “Debug Print
  15. Create a “Keyboard Button” node (Input – Key Board Button)
  16. From the list select “c” as the Button Name
  17. Hook the “Pressed” of “Keyboard Button” to the “In” of “Debug Print

Run Level and Press c to capture the camera position and rotation in the log console.



Copy and paste these values as we will be using these values in the next post.

Screencast for “Creating Camera switcher -1” and the project  (open level “camera switcher with hotkey_Final_part1”).



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