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I've grabbed these from the Autodesk University website with a filter on product 3ds Max and location Las Vegas (and then had a look to make sure it's actually relevant for 3ds Max).

Tom Closs Virtual Reality: You’re Halfway There

    • Understand how to get any CAD model into virtual reality
    • Understand the basics of 3D mesh
    • Understand when to clean up a model for virtual reality
    • Learn how to clean up a model for virtual reality

Luis Rivero Virtual reality for mobile: How to create realistic environments with millions of polygons

    • Understand how low-level lighting and modeling techniques will help you achieve highly realistic environments
    • Get knowledge to decide how to model photogrammetry, retopology, and primitive and poly modeling in 3ds Max
    • Get experience from the company in charge of the largest database of virtual stores in the retail industry
    • Experience virtual reality in mobile devices with high numbers of polys

Chris Medeck Slate Material Editor: Don't Be Afraid!

    • Learn how to identify and understand the different parts of the editor's interface
    • Understand how node-based editing works for materials, and how it can benefit production
    • Learn how to create, import, and modify materials in 3ds Max software’s Slate Material Editor
    • Understand the differences between the Compact and Slate Material Editors, and know when each should be used

Marcello Sgambelluri Spice Up Your Revit Live Projects with Autodesk's Stingray Game Engine

    • Learn how to send a Revit Project to Revit Live and navigate in the Revit Live Program
    • Learn how to send a Revit Live project into Stingray
    • Learn how to create assets and enhance the Revit project in Stingray
    • Learn how to send the enhanced Revit project from Stingray to Revit Live

Larry Kleinkemper The Alamo! 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry to Create a 3-Kilometer Computer Model

    • Gain a greater understanding of how to document large urban areas
    • Learn about creating visualization for master planning
    • Learn about combining reality capture techniques in 3ds Max and Revit
    • Learn about reality capture processes with LIDAR and photogrammetry

Bruno Landry Use the 3ds Max Family of Products to Create Real-Time Experiences and VR

    • Learn how to optimize a 3ds Max scene for real time and VR
    • Learn how to use the interoperability capabilities between 3ds Max and 3ds Max Interactive
    • Learn how to enhance visual quality and build interactions into your experiences
    • Learn how to deploy your real-time experience for a virtual reality platform

Matt Dillon Using 3ds Max 2018 and the Arnold Renderer with Revit Models

    • Understand when to use the ART Renderer and when it would be better to use Arnold
    • Learn how to convert Revit models and scenes for compatibility with the Arnold Renderer
    • Learn how to work with Arnold lights, HDR images, and physical materials
    • Learn how to create 360°, virtual reality, stereo panorama images

Martin Enthed IKEA VR, AR, MR and Meatballs

    • Understand the steps taken in computer graphics that makes it possible to start with VR, AR, and MR
    • See how a big company can take early steps into VR, AR, and MR
    • Learn about what the industry still struggles with and what needs to be solved
    • Learn how IKEA works with new digital technologies

Brent Jackson Interact With Your Inventor and Fusion 360 3D Models on the HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens.

    • Understand what the HTC Vive VR headset is and why it is game changing
    • Learn how to deploy your Inventor models into a stand-alone application on the HTC Vive for 1:1 scale, design review and visualization
    • Learn how to optimize your Inventor models so that they can be correctly imported into a virtual reality application
    • Learn about basic programming and game design for creating bespoke applications for the HTC Vive

Iffat Mai Join the Party in Social VR

    • Learn how to prepare a Revit model for VR export
    • Learn how to bake materials and lighting in 3ds Max
    • Learn how to set up a rendered model in the Unity game engine
    • Learn how to set up social VR using photon VR

Corey Rubadue Photoreal Rendering for Designers

    • Discover important natural and artificial lighting techniques to apply on a project-by-project basis
    • Understand the use of realistic materials and scene assets to strengthen photorealism
    • Understand the process of creating compelling camera compositions
    • Learn how to use V-Ray RT CPU/GPU for look development

Peter Marchese Power Up Your Stingray Projects! Create Smooth Revit Workflows and Take Advantage of Your Models’ BIM Properties

    • Learn how to create smooth workflows between Revit and Stingray for easy updates and changes
    • Learn how to set up your Revit content and families for easier animation and coordination with Stingray
    • Learn how to create interesting interactions with your projects beyond simply opening doors
    • Learn how to take advantage of the BIM information in your projects for enhanced interactivity in Stingray

Steven Schain Rendering Compelling Photographic Scenes Using Revit, 3ds Max 2018, and Arnold

    • Learn how to successfully link to a Revit model from within 3ds Max 2018
    • Learn how to convert the scene and apply physical materials to a model
    • Learn how to create and configure the Sun Positioner and camera exposure
    • Learn how to place cameras using the rule of thirds, diagonals, and the golden ratio to render compelling imagery

George Maestri Rigging Mechanical Objects in 3ds Max

    • Learn how to use scripts and expressions to automate rigging
    • Learn how to use character animation tools to rig mechanical objects
    • Learn how to automate the animation of a complex assembly
    • Learn how to create a control panel to manipulate animation

Brent Jackson Seeing the Future: How Enhanced Realities Are Evolving How We Visualize Design

    • Discover what virtual, augmented, and mixed realities are
    • Understand use cases of VR, MR, and AR in design, manufacturing, and sales
    • Discover the pitfalls to avoid when looking into new technologies
    • Learn how to convince your company to invest in new technology

Ben Rappell Architectural Film Making

    • Learn techniques to create high-end architectural films
    • Develop skills based on real-world techniques
    • Learn the process of architectural film making
    • Learn post-production and editing techniques to enhance your project

Chris Cheung Creative Direction for (Smart) Dummies—Buying Your Way to Creativity and Innovation

    • Figure out your creative needs
    • Learn how to articulate those needs
    • Learn how to find, manage, and collaborate with the right talent
    • Understand what you get back and how to use it

Andy Carter Driving Austin: An Urban Simulation of Austin, Texas, Using InfraWorks and Stingray

    • Learn how to create simulation modeling data in InfraWorks from LIDAR and planimetric data
    • Learn how to export your site model as an FBX, properly convert it, and import it for use in Stingray
    • Learn how to create an interactive simulation of your civil site design using an Xbox controller
    • Learn how to create a virtual reality simulation of your civil infrastructure design

David Menard An Introduction to Scripting in Stingray (3ds Max Interactive)

    • Learn how to write your first line of script in Stingray
    • Learn how to create a first custom flow node
    • Understand core scripting concepts through a concrete example
    • Discover a good organization structure to scale into larger projects

Andrei Dolnikov Design Visualization: Beyond the Tools

    • Consider the way technical innovation leads to creative exploration
    • Consider the possibilities that the future holds
    • Understand examples from the journey that took me to this realization

Alex Coulombe From First Line to Final Design: VR as the Ultimate Creative Medium

    • Understand the strengths of designing in VR over traditional methods
    • Learn how to communicate design intent with relatively simple VR sketches
    • Learn how to use VR at every stage of the design process
    • Learn how to cycle a VR methodology into existing workflows with Autodesk products

Lejla Secerbegovic  Holodeck—Virtual Reality for the Construction Industry

    • Learn about using VR for construction scenarios
    • Learn how to integrate different design phases and LODs in Stingray
    • Learn how to display BIM data in VR
    • Learn how to integrate advanced topics like timeline and 4D in VR

Tom Hughes How to Wow – Extending BIM into Virtual Reality for every project

    • Explain how VR can wow stakeholders, bring design to life, tell compelling narratives and add value to all project types
    • Use Autodesk Stingray, Revit Live, 3DS Max and Infraworks 360 to create their own VR experiences
    • Follow some basic tips and tricks to optimize their BIM models for use downstream in VR
    • Understand key VR concepts including; hardware selection, user interface, locomotion and performance

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