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When you installed 3ds Max you didn't go into the options and selected network licensing therefore 3ds Max is looking for a standalone license when you start it.

You don't have to reinstall 3ds Max to change the licensing method to network, by changing the Target in the Properties of the icon you can tell 3ds Max to use a network license:

3ds Max 2011 32-bit Properties

In the above example (32bit 3ds Max 2011 on Windows 7 64) the orignal value was:

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 2011\\3dsmax.exe"

To make 3ds Max look for a network license you add "-yc" at the end (without the quotes and after the quotes around the full path to the 3ds Max executable):

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 201\1\3dsmax.exe" -yc


Now when you start 3ds Max it will look for a network license.

For more details see Solution TS15198713 Licensing – Switching from Standalone to Network license mode

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| 8 years ago
well the first thing i noticed with max 2012 is that AD even managed to mess up the installer. hardly any amateur shareware coder manages to screw a simple installer. honest it´s a bad joke. why is it not possible to install max into a specified userpath? why has the installer always append a "3D Max 2012 Design" to the path? does it needs a very high IQ to imagine that your users MAY need a specific path for the application? :( it worked with all versions before... now it doesn´t. instead of making things better.... the guys at AD are able to make even the smallest things a problem for their customers. :( i spend more then half a working day installing and uninstalling max because of this. im now waiting to install it again (for the 4 time) until someone gives me a clue how to instal max into "d:d max\".... and not "d:d maxd max 2012 design\" do i have to perform a magical belly dance or what? i will.... even when i don´t had to for older 3D max versions. it is a shame that AD has no real competition anymore and they can get away with every crap they pour on us customers. sometimes i start to believe you guys sitting at AD doing a brainstorming and think about how you can make things worse for your customers. otherwise i have NO IDEA how AD manages to come up with such issues.
Edited by 6ubcZsQj 8 years ago
| 8 years ago
Thanks for the info. Could you also talk about transfering licence ? I don't have anymore default shortcuts, and I will have to move a 3dsmax licence to another machine, so pc2 become licensed, and pc1 become renderer only.
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