Workarounds if you get a 1920 error installing 3ds Max 2012

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Common reasons for 1920 errors

Normally a 1920 error is caused by a lack of permissions or if something is blocking access. Therefore the general recommendations would be to:

  • run the install as the local administrator (that will rule out user rights issues)
  • stop all other applications including the virus scanner and other system tools (that will rule out that these interfere with the installation).


Specific reason for 1920 error related to the mi-raysat service

In case the 1920 error is related to the mi-raysat service and you've already tried the steps above the cause is most likely that something else is using the port (7516) that the mi-raysat service wants to use.

You can check this with the netstat command, in a command shell run "netstat -a -b" (without the quotes) and check if there is a line that shows port 7516 being used. 

cmd netstat -a -b

The above example shows that the mental ray satellite service for 3ds Max 2012 is running on the machine. That's ok as i've installed 3ds Max 2012, if it shows another application using port you'll have to do something about it:

  • one option would be to change the port the other application is using. 
  • another option would be to terminate the application in taskmanager (but that means that you'll have problems later on, either with mental ray satellite or with the other application),
  • if you can't change the other application you can do a manual install, that will give you the option to either not install the mental ray satellite service or to select a different port for it:


Manual install

Doing a manual install means that you'll have to do all the things that the installer checks and does for you. So this is a last resort, if nothing else works you couild attempt this.

Please note that doing the install this way it's not supported (as it hasn't been officially tested).


First you need to make sure the prerequisites are all installed (some may already be on the system other may have been rolled back when the install fails):

  • Visual C++ 2005 and 2008 redistributables, run these from \\3rdParty\\x86\\VCRedist and/or \\3rdParty\\x64\\VCRedist\\,
  • Dotnet 3.5sp1 and 4,run these from \\3rdParty\\NET\\,
  • DirectX, run this from \\3dParty\\DirectX\\,
  • MSXML, run this from \\3dParty\\x86\\msxml6\\ and/or \\3rdParty\\x64\\msxml6\\,
  • Autodesk materials, run these from \\Content\\ADSKMaterials\\2012\\,
  • Backburner, run this from \\x86\\Components\\backburner\\.

Once these are install you can run the 3dsMaxDesign2012.msi from either \\x86\\max\\ or \\x64\\max\\, when you get to the component configuration page of the dialog either uncheck or change the port number in the mental ray 3.9 satellite service option.

3ds Max 2012 Components Configuration


Once that is installed you can install Composite from \\x64\\Composite\\ and/or \\x64\\Composite\\. 


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