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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

To reset the user settings in 3ds Max you need to remove the folder for the specific version of 3ds Max. The next time you start 3ds Max it will create this folder again with the default values.

Under the 3dsMax or 3dsMaxDesign folder there will be subfolders for the releases and the 32/64bit version, some examples: "2008 - 32bit", "2010 - 64bit", "2012 - 64bit".

Windows Vista and Windows 7 C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\Autodesk\\3dsMax\\
Windows XP C:\\Documents and Settings\\\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Autodesk\\3dsMax\\

Replace with your Windows login name.

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| 7 years ago
Marcio, don't delete just the "enu" folder, but the folder that contains it (eg "2015 - 64bit").
Edited by GuAyGIa4 7 years ago
| 7 years ago
Hi! My 3dsMax stopped work properly, so i tried to resetting the user settings in "C:\Users\editor\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\", removing the "enu" folder, but the software didn't created this folder again. The software starts normally, but the "enu" folder doesn't exist (?!). Anybody could help me? Thanks.
Edited by pEE2GtcV 7 years ago
| 10 years ago
thanks! this cam in handy!!!!
| 10 years ago
good point Steve... would leave some baffled without knowing that.
| 10 years ago
Just a quick, but important, point. On XP both the "Local Settings" and "Application Data" folders (and probably the Vista/Win7 equivalents) are hidden - you MUST configure Windows Explorer to "Show hidden files and folders" or you won't be able to find them.