3ds Max 2017.2 Update is available

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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

Download it from Autodesk Account or install it through the Autodesk Desktop App.


  • This release has improved support for running multiple instances of 3ds Max simultaneously (see MAXX-36514 below)
  • Software security fixes are included in this release (see MAXX-36701, MAXX-36771 below).
  • Please note that files using the Data Channel Modifier that were created with 3ds Max 2017.2 cannot be opened in version prior to 3ds Max 2017.1 Update! Remove the Data Channel Modifier or collapse the object stack when using your scene in a previous version.
  • Autocomplete is now working for MAXScript, to enable this:
    • Do one of the following:
      • Download the .api file for MAXScript (download from maxscript.api).
      • Generate a file containing the MAXScript function names. Read this Scriptspot article for a step by step guide.
      • UPDATED: additional download location using my box link.
    • Open MXS_EditorUser.properties for editing by selecting Open User Options File from MAXScript Editor's Tools menu.
    • Add the following to MXS_EditorUser.properties:
      • #autocomplete
      • autocompleteword.automatic=1
      • autocomplete.choose.single=0
      • autocomplete.MAXScript.ignorecase=1
      • autocomplete.MAXScript.start.characters=$(chars.alpha)$(chars.numeric)_#.
      • api.$(file.patterns.MAXScript)=
    • Save MXS_EditorUser.properties.
    • In a new editor tab, start typing the name of a MAXScript command or function and autocomplete suggestions will show identifiers matching what you have typed.

The following list describes issues fixed in this release. Note: Update 2 contains all previous Service Pack and Update fixes for 3ds Max 2017.

  • MAXX-36226, MAXX-35861 You no longer receive an error when doing a simulation in MassFX if mCloth modifier is used on a plane.
  • MAXX-35313, MAXX-34885, MAXX-35821 When you use Go to Time command or type in the frame number, the visibility keys are now evaluated properly.
  • MAXX-33446 The IGlobal::INode type is no longer missing from 3ds Max's .NET Wrapper.
  • MAXX-32874 Fixed the regression introduced in 3ds Max 2017 Update 1 that slowed the loading of xref objects.
  • MAXX-34222, MAXX-34057 The position of xref objects is no longer affected when parented to, or un-parented from, another object.
  • MAXX-36514 3dsmax.ini no longer resets when starting and closing multiple instances of 3ds Max, making it easier to run multiple instances of the software simultaneously.
  • MAXX-36892 When opening MAXScript Listenter's Search > Find dialog, you no longer receive an error if you have not first focused on an edit window.
  • MAXX-36677 The cursor no longer jumps to another line than the one selected when the mouse wheel is scrolled over a MAXScript editor window, while another window has the focus.
  • MAXX-36676 In MAXScript Editor, text selection and cursor position is no longer lost when moving from one editor tab (document) to another.
  • MAXX-36675 In MAXScript Editor, the state of the folds is no longer lost when moving from one editor tab (document) to another.
  • MAXX-36673 Autocomplete is now working.
  • MAXX-36746 You no longer receive an error when going to the Modifier panel with a skinned mesh selected due to scripted rigging tools creating an INode without a null object.
  • MAXX-34925 Fixed an issue where the new hardware selection method in Nitrous wouldn't select polygons or edges when at certain angles or if the polygon was a thin but long shape.
  • MAXX-35917 Fixed the memory leak in projection engine. You will no longer receive errors caused by the continuous use of projection modifier in scripted operations saturating RAM and and writing large amounts of data to the paging file.
  • MAXX-36102, MAXX-35040 UVs now only translate, instead of scaling and translating, when Peel mode is active and you translate UVs/vertices.
  • MAXX-36101, MAXX-29892 UVs no longer reset when trying to modify an existing peel.
  • MAXX-36093 When using the Align Horizontally to Pivot command in Peel mode, the peel now updates/aligns automatically. You no longer need to manually manipulate the gizmo.
  • MAXX-35274 Errors occurring within custom action items created from Python now include traceback (callstack) information.
Software Security
  • MAXX-36701, MAXX-36771 Enhancement to enterprise Single Sign On, and update to desktop login secure socket layer (SSL).
  • MAXX-36466, MAXX-36444 Vertex alpha and color now update in the viewport when the values are changed.

For those not on subscription the security fix is available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network: 3ds Max 2017.0.2 Security Fix

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| 4 years ago
Its great and I am satisfied using Max 2018 as a student version. But it complex to use . Can someone guide me?
| 4 years ago
Thanks Bill, Martin & Jonathan, as it clearly doesn't work I've put the file on box and added a third option in the article. Hope that works... Nicolas
| 4 years ago
Btw.. what happened with this which was communicated by Autodesk personnel earlier: "However, downloads to repair functionality, such as hot-fixes for urgent and/or pervasive issues, as well as security patches are available to everyone regardless of contract status" And now those only seem to get a few security fixes? I somewhat understand that new features are reserved for those on subscription, bug fixes that repair defects should be available to all.
| 4 years ago
I get this: "https://saml.autodesk.com is requesting your username and password"
| 4 years ago
Same here, the API file link isn't working and the link in the scriptspot article isn't working either
| 4 years ago
Hi Bill, just tried it here, it works as long as you're logged in. Can you try again after signing in on the Area?
| 4 years ago
Hi There, I'm currently getting an error when clicking on the link to 'maxscript.api'