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On some machines certain plugins just won't load (the same plugins will load fine on other machines), they stay in deferred status in the plugin manager and therefore some functionality just isn't there. As they're are in deferred status at least it means that nothing is wrong with the plugin itself (or you'd get an error about it when starting 3ds Max).


The same workaround as in MaxStationpost if_you_can_run_3ds_max_only_once works in this case: edit your 3dsmax.ini file and modify one of the lines in the [PluginsSettings] section.

First try setting EnableCoreInterfaceProxySystem to 0, then run 3ds Max to see if the plugin now loads.

If it doesn't you can also try setting the other three to (CanAutoDeferDefaultValue, EnableActionItemProxySystem, EnableStartupNotificationReplaySystem).

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| 8 years ago
I justed wanted to comment that this worked really well for me. I had a plug-in (File Link Manager) that would not load, and the problem has existed for me ever since the release of 2012 until now. The "EnableCoreInterfaceProxySystem to 0" worked for me; thanks to MaxStation. Here is the link to the thread in case any one is interested in reading it: https://area.autodesk.com/forum/autodesk-3ds-max/autodesk-3ds-max--3ds-max-design-2012/file-link-manager-is-a-no-show-in-max-2012--solved-/page-1/