The 3ds Max Team is growing

By Eddie Perlberg - 14 Jan, 2014 - 3ds Max , VIZ

Happy New Year 3ds Max community!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the newest Product Designer on the 3ds Max team.

Martin Coven

Martin Coven is an award winning Visual Effects artist. In his 17 years of experience, he has worked in games, cinematics, broadcast, commercial and film. As a creature td for Industrial Light + Magic, Martin worked on films such as Star Wars Episode III, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, The Chronicles of Narnia and War of the worlds. While Martin has had to wear all the production hats, he has quite a bit of focus on the animation side, including rigging, simulation work (rigids, cloth, hair and flesh) and particle effects work.

Let me throw you some examples of Martin’s work.


See more at his site

I asked Martin to give us a few words…

Hi everyone. First, I would like to say that I am very excited to be a part of the 3ds Max team. While I haven't been with this team long, I can say that we have a very energetic and dedicated group from the top down. It is a different view from a development perspective compared to being in the trenches, but the goal is to make the users happy.

Of course I can't say what we are up to, but this team is listening to the users. I think you will like what is in store. Also, make sure you vote for what you want to see on the Feature Request site. We are watching, and nothing is off the table! Long live Max!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Ravihara | 3 years ago
Tears of Joy! :`-)
Edited by Ravihara 3 years ago
strob | 4 years ago
Great news! Can't wait to see what's next with such a team!
Edited by strob 4 years ago
resprog | 4 years ago
wow nice... long live 3dsmax
Edited by resprog 4 years ago
Vlix | 4 years ago
Very good move in the right direction Eddie & great news! I'm looking forward to the production proven workflows Martin can provide!
Edited by Vlix 4 years ago
Christo003 | 4 years ago
Edited by Christo003 4 years ago
Mark Kauffman | 4 years ago
I am very please to hear that you are on the team, Martin.
Edited by Mark Kauffman 4 years ago
joshpurple | 4 years ago
Excellent news, brilliant work :) ! Wow!
Edited by joshpurple 4 years ago
Johan Boekhoven | 4 years ago
Awesome news, lets talk about xrefs and animation ;)
Edited by Johan Boekhoven 4 years ago
julient | 4 years ago
Great news ! This is good to hear :) By the way, speaking of the animation side, this autorig needs help, it needs promotion, just 8 days to go and it looks wonderful ! :
Edited by julient 4 years ago
jabouaf1 | 4 years ago
Looking forward to your contributions!
Edited by jabouaf1 4 years ago
CARL_BRAUN | 4 years ago
Congratulations man glad to see Autodesk with good priorities and great users steeping up to the plate.
Edited by CARL_BRAUN 4 years ago
MPC3D | 4 years ago
That's some great news. 2015 looks like a very nice version of Max!
Edited by MPC3D 4 years ago
m.rud | 4 years ago
YES YES YES YEEEES, so exited, congratulations!... And Long live Max!
Edited by m.rud 4 years ago
spacefrog | 4 years ago
Whoa - i did'nt see that one coming .. A total surprise to me and i agree with others: A great choice !
Edited by spacefrog 4 years ago
Jonathan de Blok | 4 years ago
Hee Martin, congrats! Excellent choice!
Edited by Jonathan de Blok 4 years ago
Nik Nastev | 4 years ago
Congrats Martin! That's sounds great! :)
Edited by Nik Nastev 4 years ago
pen | 4 years ago
Now that is great news. I can honestly say out of all the people that could end up in Martins position he is a fantastic choice. Long live MAX!
Edited by pen 4 years ago
kimlee | 4 years ago
Welcome to the team Martin. Looking forward to meeting.
Edited by kimlee 4 years ago
visualz | 4 years ago
Welcome aboard. let the hazing begin. //gD
Edited by visualz 4 years ago
Jenni O'Connor | 4 years ago
Edited by Jenni O'Connor 4 years ago