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By Eddie Perlberg - 4 Dec, 2013 - 3ds Max


I hope you had a happy 3December!

Welcome to the newest blog here on the area, “The Max Makers”. It will be where the 3ds Max development team will post news, insights and points of interest in the world of 3ds Max. Since 3ds Max is a team effort, the postings here will come from a number of contributors. Besides myself, you will hear from; Sonja Muller, the Product Marketing Specialist; Michael Russo, the Software Development Manager; Kelcey Simpson, Product Design Manager and others.

Who am I?

I am Eddie Perlberg, the new Sr. Product Manager, Design Animation Solutions, M&E - Video Solutions Group (VSG) and Shared Services, which the super long corporate speak for Product Manager for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design.

Prior to taking this roll, I worked here at Autodesk as a Technical Specialist in the Media & Entertainment division, evangelizing and demonstrating how 3ds Max fits into various workflows with a focus on Design Visualization. Some of you might recognize me from my previous blog, “With Design in Mind”. The future of that blog will be determined by others.

It has been my honor and privilege to talk with many you regarding the use and future of 3ds Max. There’s no doubt that, in the past, we have shared concerns and disappointments as to the messages we’ve received regarding this issue. We have scratched our heads as to the missed occasions to celebrate our accomplishments and missed opportunities to grow together.

Well, the good news is that those opportunities will be a major focus at Autodesk. The energy and commitment behind 3ds Max has never been stronger. As I went through the interview process, I was struck by the excitement to the long term success of you, the 3ds Max user.  Let me repeat that “…the long term success of you, the 3ds Max user”. I know that there have been questions to the future of 3ds Max. I shared them with you. But, when I saw the team that had been assembled, the openness to new messaging and the investments that were being made in 3ds Max’s name, I knew that I wanted to be a part of its renaissance. 

Prior to joining Autodesk, I was CAD Manager and Visualization Artist at a number of Architectural firms in the upper Midwest including Kohl’s Department Stores. Like many of you, I extended my passion for working with 3ds Max to doing side work in motion graphics projects and a small locally produced video game title. I have been using 3ds Max since 3d Studio vers. 4 and purchased my own personal copy of 3ds Max 2.5. In fact, I enjoyed my work in 3ds max so much that I incorporated the 3ds Max logo into a tattoo of mine a few years ago. 

Usually at this point in my introduction, I can see the wheels turning in some of your noggins. He’s a DV guy and that indicates the direction of the product. I am proud of my background and will never hide from it. I can only assure you that I am committed to make the best 3ds Max possible for all of us. I am committed to make you more profitable. I am committed to make you more successful. Whether you create vfx, games or design visualizations, we all put in the same blood sweat and tears and it’s my commitment to you, the 3ds Max family, that we wake up every morning and go to bed every night trying make a better Max for you.

So, watch this space for more customer success stories, more good news, more insights and more in the world of 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design.

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sparwassercom | 3 years ago
Hmm as all the new product mangers of 3ds max you telling us that something big is coming, never seen before... hopefully this time it really will. It would help, if you could give us a more clear state of what that will be. Is it the new nvidia FLEX? Or a new stereoscopic viewport plugin which will work with a nvidia card - instead of just the ati - ;-) I really love Max, but when you look at other 3d competitors - free packages like blender - they are filled with everything you need. And even when you may think, [i]3ds max people don´t need fluids or volume rendering, its avaiable as plugs and this is good, because max users don´t need/want it.[/i] This can´t be the future of max, others have it included, max need it too...plugins are good, [b]but fluids, smoke, fire and so on are essential core features these days.[/b] 2013 everybody wanted a fluid and smoke system, non of them get listened, what they got was an egg spline. Maya has volumes since years, a much better particle & dynamic simulation system (Pflow is good, but the new Box 3 is everything but userfriendly whether you are Einstein) and what the new subscription has for maya is incredible, that multiscatter thing and the extreme new powerful poly modelling toolset. 2014 subscription for max was a joke...and waste of money. My sugesstion, start treating Max like Maya, or make a new app from both of them, or give max user the possibility to switch to maya...[b]and the most most important thing is; really start listening to the users not to the adsk financial managers.[/b] good luck!
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The Angry Beaver | 3 years ago
This blog is a good step in the right direction and I really do hope it stays active. The other thing I really hope is that you throw a few resources into fixing CAT so that it actually works the way it states it should in the help files. I also share the Ron Martin's view and that is "please stay away from anything called "cloud" !!!!!!". (It is just a hype for the dumb masses and I don't believe the average Max user fits that demographic). Anyway I wish you all the best in your new role, it sounds like you could be just what Max needs (PS. Don't forget the CAT thing, please...)
Edited by The Angry Beaver 3 years ago
avisarr | 3 years ago
I would like to second what phloog said. I want to do character animation and VFX. I want to see those tools improved in 3ds Max and stop seeing all the cool stuff go to Maya. And if that isn't going to happen, I think it would be appropriate for Autodesk to allow Max users to migrate over to Maya painlessly. Either improve the character/VFX tools in Max or let us move to Maya. One or the other. Having said that, I am really excited to see the new energy and I wish you and your team the best of luck. I am clinging to hope that Max can be saved and brought back from the grave. Please post regularly and keep us informed. We are, all of us, watching and waiting and hoping.
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eperlberg | 3 years ago
Not all all Paul. Like I said, you delivered your message in a positive way.
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pen | 3 years ago
Thanks for being visible and as transparent as you can be Eddie. I think that it will mean a lot to many people. And any "anger" (disappointment) that I have was not aimed at you so sorry if it came across that way.
Edited by pen 3 years ago
eperlberg | 3 years ago
Hey guys, I understand your anger and frustration; Paul gave me plenty after Cave (but in a positive way). I wish I could turn back the clock. I know that the men that were here before me fought for the same things. The difference is that now, there is a new attitude, a new focus and a celebration for 3ds Max. Sometimes these things happen by accident, sometimes as a decision and sometimes as a perception. However it happened, I am not spending one second worrying about what was. Instead I am going to focus on what can be and the good news is that Autodesk has given me more resources and talent to start to make it happen. Some people are counting presents under the tree, some people are comparing button to button. I guess that’s human nature. Given to our own devices, we all become Dudely Dursley from “Harry Potter” worrying about the number and size and not the quality of presents we get for our birthday. If I asked you truthfully, “Does this ‘functionality’ make a difference for you?” What would your response be? Is it just a shiny thing or is it truly important to your success? If it is important, they are being prioritized as we speak. We are committed to give you the right tools and we are looking at all Max users. We have a Charter Group giving us feedback from a number of different industries, we are paying new attention to user voice, we are doing customer surveys and focus groups and we are engaging our technical and sales teams to hear your feedback. I am listening to the comments you give people like Alex Horst, Gary Davis and Louis Marcoux. If that’s not the right thing to do, I’d be interested to hear what is. There are opportunities here. You guys are doing amazing work. Autodesk is acknowledging it and celebrating it. I was like the proud Papa watching success after success in 3ds Max walk across the stage at the Cave event. I was excited to see the number of people in my classes at AU , hungry for more 3ds Max knowledge. The marketing team is also unwrapping customer stories you will be seeing about 3ds Max success in Games, Film and Design Animation. 3ds Max is being developed to support that work for today and in the future.
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ChipWeatherman | 3 years ago
Can't wait! Let's tear it up! *EDIT* Oh, and Eddie, any time you want to come to KC to talk, you're more than welcome.
Edited by ChipWeatherman 3 years ago
pen | 3 years ago
mrud, I had a sit down talk with Eddie, the head of design and head of development for Max. Now they were not in a position to share anything specific with me but I can tell you that they had an excitement that I have not seen in the development team since about Max 4. I was certainly assured that they are on top of their game and looking to put Max at the fore front of 3D once again. And no, they did not pay me to say that. Nothing happens over night.
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m.rud | 3 years ago
Such a change of attitude from Paul Neale, it's almost inspiring in itself, anyways, for the past few months I've been looking into the inner workings of some other 3d packages(you know, just to be safe), and while none of them are perfect I've just began to realize just how out dated some things really are in Max, to the point that it's just sad, and I can't remember how many times I've asked myself 'then just what were these people doing all these years over at autodesk??'(I still very much would like to know the answer to that), and it kinda worries me because the way I see it among many other things there are some very fundamental changes that needs to be made to the core of Max if it's going to survive in today's market which has a growing list of great,up-to-date and cross-platform applications in it, I really don't know what you plan to do about that, and that on it's own is very unsettling, this horrible lack of transparency and information, and in case you are looking for feedbacks from your users here's one, just take a look at those other applications if you haven't already(hopefully you won't get as depressed as I got), you might realize a thing or two.
Edited by m.rud 3 years ago
pen | 3 years ago
phloog, hold tight, Eddie has the bull by the horns and will deliver I'm sure as Max moves forward. Time might be needed as it has stagnated in the last few years but the team that Eddie has are very capable. I was one of the lucky ones and got to meet with several of them at AU and I can tell you their excitement about what they are doing hasn't been seen in a long time. Paul Neale
Edited by pen 3 years ago
phloog | 3 years ago
I see the post from someone asking for no new features and only bug fixes. No. You have tried that kind of launch, and we get no new features while bugs stay. I want new features, and I am SICK of seeing everything good for my purposes (VFX and film animation) going to Maya. Would you PLEASE offer a no cost switch of my subscription to Maya? I am tired of fighting you guys only to see all the coolest tech you acquire going to Maya. I loved max, and have used it (well 3dstudio) since 1990...but I see that you have made Maya the tool of choice for my work and since you have abandoned Max for these purposes, I would like my subscription to just flip. What do you think? Then you could once again release a new Max with more "egg spline" grade updates, and those who want no new Max features would be happy, and I could begin using the tooL AD decided was the film/VFX tool
Edited by phloog 3 years ago
kimlee | 3 years ago
All the best to you Eddie in fighting the good fight. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up at AU, everyone(Kelcey, Chris Young, etc) was asking "have you met Eddie yet". Looking forward to the future.
Edited by kimlee 3 years ago
eperlberg | 3 years ago
Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement and suggestions. The team and I are formulating the future “Maxes” as we speak. Ron Martin, I am sure you are not suggesting that I discount the Design Viz members of our family. Perhaps you are actually developing your own Design Viz application in the cloud and are just trying to distract me. :) My http://3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com/ connection is working fine this morning. Perhaps the Maya team needs a little more feedback lately. I tease because I love. Here’s the scoop about Maya and me, the dog dies at the end. Oh wait, spoiler alert, that’s “Marley and Me”. I am one of Maya’s biggest fans. I am so proud of my Maya brothers and sisters and what they accomplish. I am excited to work with them to ensure our continued success. To stay with my “dog” reference, instead of fighting, we are pulling this sled in tandem, giving you a complete solution. This week, I am headed to Austin TX. for a number of things. 1)I am receiving more Managerial Training (yay) 2)I am meeting our newest 3ds Max designer (their identity to be disclosed pending the notification of their family) 3)Meeting with some of the members of the Austin 3ds Max user group. I missed their 3December celebration last week, but I still wanted to say hello. Speaking of User Groups, I am available to appear at a User Group near you. If you have a meeting coming up, let me know and we’ll coordinate. For example, Milwaukee is meeting this Thursday.
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Jenni O'Connor | 3 years ago
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ivo-ott | 3 years ago
Good luck!
Edited by ivo-ott 3 years ago
visualz | 3 years ago
hip hip, hooray!
Edited by visualz 3 years ago
Actinidia | 3 years ago
Good luck and thank you for the new blog! Really appreciate that! Anyone an idea why I can't login at 3ds max feedback?http://3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com/ The one for maya is working, though...
Edited by Actinidia 3 years ago
pen | 3 years ago
Good luck to Eddie and your team. A talented bunch that I'm sure will get the job done.
Edited by pen 3 years ago
lo_ | 3 years ago
Good luck on your job. I would personally thank you to add 0 new features in Max 2015, and divert 100% of your developers to bug fixing, stability and performance. For me, the biggest virtue BY FAR of 3dsmax 2014 is the performance improvements of the Skin and Morpher modifiers, though your marketing team didn't event bother to announce them. I know you will get no accolades for bug fixes and performance improvement, as your marketers have no material to spin from that kind of work, but I think it is the most important work you could possibly do for max.
Edited by lo_ 3 years ago
Augusto | 3 years ago
Hi Eddie my best wishes for your new position! I really hope that you will give a new feeling to MAX users, I agree with other artists when they say that there is no reason to have MAX and MAX-Design, one software if well done it's enough. I personally would like to add a couple of wishes, i'd like to see a node based MAX in the near future and consequentially a full multithreaded core, something very close to ICE. Max is the only competitor to Houdini in FX field, if you finally point more on FX improvements you basically do the interest of autodesk, FX is doing even more the difference in movies and games, if you don't consider seriously this field you do a big mistake.
Edited by Augusto 3 years ago
Ron Martin | 3 years ago
Hopefully Max Design will be discontinued and marketing and product development will shift away from the "stupid arch viz app" message for 3ds Max. Markets and applications are highly converging. So there is no bigger mistake as to propose one product for a certain user or usertype. And please stay away from anything called "cloud" !!!!!!
Edited by Ron Martin 3 years ago
DN | 3 years ago
Welcome and glad to see you. I hope to have more info of 3dsmax development. Repeat too "..[b]more info[/b]". I have seen many new bloggers start blog here, but be silent later on. Please be active and inform to the user.
Edited by DN 3 years ago
MeliG | 3 years ago
3dsmax2014 was already a big step in the right direction. So good luck to all of you working on 3dsmax.
Edited by MeliG 3 years ago
MPC3D | 3 years ago
Hey Eddie ... it's great to hear about your passion with 3ds Max. It surely helps dissipate that 'mist of doom' we have been seeing. Of course users generally wait for actions, but I feel like you guys started things correctly and that this will only improve. Congrats of being such a up-front guy and good luck! PS.: Don't you want to be Softimage PM also? I think we may need someone who actually cares and shows up! :)
Edited by MPC3D 3 years ago