When camera clipping planes won't render

By Nicolas Holst - 27 Apr, 2011 - 3ds Max

You've set up manual clipping planes on your camera, these are correctly clipping in the viewport, but they are ignored when you render using the mental ray renderer. When you render with the scanline renderer all is fine.


For this to work as expected you have to make sure that the Scanline option in the mental ray renderer is enabled. In the Render Setup dialog go to the Renderer tab and make sure that in the Rendering Algorithms the Scaline Enable checkbox is ticked:

Render Setup: mental ray Renderer Scanline Enable checked


To set up the clipping planes:

  • select the camera
  • go to the modify panel
  • activate 'clip manually'
  • and set the near and/or far clip planes.


camera clipping planes

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SuperCoon | 6 years ago
Cool! Thanks for the tips MaxStation.
agatsuma | 6 years ago
Thanks for the tip. When would you not use scanline?
SuperCoon | 6 years ago
So how and when exactly is a "Clipping Plane" used? I never have to use them; maybe, it's because I don't know too much about them in the first place. ;)