Service Pack 5 for 3ds Max 2014 & 3ds Max Design 2014 is available

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Service Pack 5 replaces Service Pack 4 which we removed because of the nitrous mental ray background maps issue, there is no need to uninstall SP4 if you did install it.

Download them here:

Issues that have been fixed in this service pack (new compared to Service Pack 4 in bold):

  • MAXX-16439 Backburner jobs are no longer forced to an archived state when restarting the Backburner Manager after a program error.
  • MAXX-16406 Nitrous failed with Environment/Background Switcher as Environment Map + viewport background Use Environment Background and has been fixed.
  • MAXX-15867 Layers were not trackable after saveing and now work correctly.
  • MAXX-15787 Direct-X sharders now works correctly with instanced geometry.
  • MAXX-15645 Customer Information Program (CIP) was not sending in data properly and has now been fixed.
  • MAXX-15649 (3ds Max Design 2014) Sub-object trajectories break / freeze after using the Time Configuration pop-up menu.
  • MAXX-15627 Populate Save-To-Previous no longer causes a program error.
  • MAXX-15470 Inventor Model Import into 3dsMax - Smooth surfaces no longer become faceted.
  • MAXX-15303 Backburner now renders if you input a long number list in Render Setup/Frames.
  • MAXX-15295 The anomalies with the Nitrous display with NVIDIA® Quadro®2800 (Shift + Move spline) have been resolved.
  • MAXX-15089 3ds Max export to FBX is no longer missing custom properties on curve controls.
  • MAXX-14765 The Performance issues with larger meshes and the projection modifier have been resolved.
  • MAXX-14732 In 3ds Max, the Microsoft DirectX® 11 Shader now reacts as expected, like the Microsoft DirectX 9 Shader does.
  • MAXX-14662 The regression introduced in 3ds Max 2014 SP3 which prevented the Environment Map from updating with the Bitmap Offset has been resolved.
  • MAXX-14620 You can now remove Xref Objects when using Populate.
  • MAXX-14598 The URL for the evolver data has been fixed.
  • MAXX-14281 Show Shaded Material in Viewport now works correctly in Nitrous 2D.
  • MAXX-14211 The issue causing a program error at startup with menus (discovered through CERs), has been resolved.
  • MAXX-14139 SDK: DirectX Shader material UIWidget Spinner no longer results in a Color swatch.
  • MAXX-13922 Missing plug-in information now appears in the backburner log file for all languages.
  • MAXX-13647 Now after your first selection in mirror, you can still change to another axis and the geometry will also change as expected.
  • MAXX-13196 Backburner: Error messages during a failing job are now properly displayed.
  • MAXX-13144 Scripted custom attribute definitions with resource strings now save their source correctly.
  • MAXX-12541 You can now use MassFX buoyancy and shape instance operator without issue.
  • MAXX-12424 The issue reported by CERs (Customer Error Reports) related to Nitrous vertex buffers has been resolved.
  • MAXX-11841 Backburner now works properly when you have both 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design installed on the same computer.
  • MAXX-11176 The lag when switching between workspaces has been improved.
  • MAXX-6865 You can now successfully specify a node twice as a progressive target.

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| 3 years ago
@ monster "...The only problem is that replaceVertexWeights is behaving like setVertexWeights...". Been pulling my hair out with this one as just upgraded to 2014. Just needed to run setVertexWeights twice to achieve same effect as replaceVertexWeights: first time to set the first bone that will affect the vert to a value of 1 to effectively strip the weighting from all other bones; then again with your full array of bones/weight info for each vert to set them to the desired values.
Edited by A8BhX0xz 3 years ago
| 3 years ago
vrx123 this solution did not worked, do you have any other workaround? Does any one solve it? Can it be an windows registry error? for some reason the bb wrongly undestand 3ds max design 2014 files as 3ds max.
Edited by YVhEG2Vm 3 years ago
| 4 years ago
Some users report this resolved it for them: -Verify all computers have full install of max and backburner. It must be latest Service Pack 5 on all. -Apply below on: -The computer submitting backburner job -The backburner manager computer 1.Open the Start Menu and right click on Computer - Select Properties 2. Select Advanced system settings. 3. In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables. 4. Select > New System Variable 5: Add below values: Variable Name: MIX_MAX_DESIGN_BB Variable Value: 1 Reboot and then test network render
Edited by BJkCmQVT 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
We are having the same problem, at our studio we have two machine with 3DSMax Design 2014 and one with 3DSMax 2014 after we updated to SP5 we failed to render between machines but before the update we were able to render between these different versions but after the update we were unable to send renders trough backburner with was giving an error of "no 3dsMax plugin installed" Please try to fix this because we had to downgrade Max SP versions.
Edited by AF0t8EsC 4 years ago
Hi, I'm having the same issue and it's really becoming a problem as I cannot send anything to BB (which I usually do to render at night...) Is there a way to remove service pack 5 without having to reinstall 3ds Max ? Do you think we can expect a hotfix anytime soon ? Thanks !
Edited by XulJwvti 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Seems that after updating to SP5 the render nodes don't fire up. When BB server (on render nodes) starts it says loading plugin "3ds Max Design 2014". When a job is submitted from 3ds Max Design SP5 workstation the job must be incorrectly flagged as "3ds Max" instead of "3ds Max Design" thus nothing submitted to the network is rendering. Anybody else seeing this?
Edited by Q0WTlDJX 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Hi Maxstation - Sorry for posting that this way i have a permanent workaround for the still existing Sketchup 2013/2014 file import errors in Max 2014 SP5. I did'nt find means to contact Maxstation to send them the details. I think the solution would be worth a seperate blog post. In the meantime, the steps for the fix are described in detail here in a forum reply on theArea [url][/url]
Edited by IUFXV3BT 4 years ago
| 4 years ago
Looks like skinOps.GetBoneNameByListID was removed, and skinOps.GetBoneIDByListID was added. I'm getting a crash to desktop with no CER dialog when I try to run a script with skinOps.GetBoneNameByListID. Is there more information you can give us about skinOps changes? [EDIT] Looks like my pre-Bone Sorting scripts work again! (The Skin list started getting sorted in 2012 I believe.) This is a good change. The only problem is that replaceVertexWeights is behaving like setVertexWeights. The jokes on me because I spent a couple days last month refactoring all my skinning tools to work with 2012+. I think a bug report I submitted may have help prompt this reversion. [/EDIT]
Edited by QnJOZdg0 4 years ago