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Last modification: 8 Jun, 2021

Hi everyone,

Buckle up! This week’s update on Mkali’s Mission is an exciting one. I finally get to introduce you to the incredible team of artists working on this project. Be sure to read all the way to the end for some special bonus content. 

Joining us for the first time?
We’re producing an epic 3D sequence called Mkali’s Mission using each of the tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection and sharing the whole journey right here on AREA. Take a look back at earlier blog posts in this series to learn more. 

At this point in the project, the story and concept of the sequence are finalized. After receiving positive feedback from the product teams and a thumbs up from the marketing team here at Autodesk, I was ready to move on to the next step: the search for artists. To bring the story and characters to life, I needed to find a variety of artists across disciplines – from storyboarding and concept art through modeling, rigging, animation, FX, rendering, and so much more. 

I was lucky to be surrounded by a group of industry experts who were able to share recommendations with me. With their help and with some additional research on Arstation, LinkedIn, and the AREA Gallery, I created a list of talented Sketchbook, 3ds Max, Maya, and Arnold artists who were great candidates for the various roles.

I began by reaching out to concept artists and modelers as they play a foundational role in the beginning stages of the pipeline. I set up calls with each candidate to describe the project and explain why we were doing it. I also shared the backstory and screenplay to give them an idea of what to expect and the animation style we were hoping to achieve.


During these calls, I was able to gauge their interest and determine if they would be a good fit for the project. I asked them to provide an estimated timeframe, keeping in mind that certain artists may have full-time jobs and that others may be parents working at home with children around.  

After countless email exchanges, multiple zoom meetings, and an excessive amount of coffee, I managed to hire a dozen artists (and counting!) from around the globe to kickstart the production of the sequence. To give you an idea of the scope of the project, here’s a look at where each artist is located:  

Ready to meet the team? Check out their profile cards and be sure to click on each of them to see some of their personal work:
































We're still onboarding additional artists, so be sure to check back into the blog as we'll be introducing you to more talent and sharing their experience working on this project.

For a closer look at what the team has been working on so far and for some real 3D eye candy, visit our virtual studio experience (sneak peek below):

Tune in next time to learn about how I set up a ShotGrid site for tracking, review, and scheduling.

Want to see more of Mkali's Mission? Visit our virtual animation studio to discover the different stages of the process and to get a glimpse at some real 3D eye candy.

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