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Hey Guys, in this post I would like to show one possible workflow between the new App for iPAD 123D Creature and 3DS Max.

1) The first step is to create a monster using your fingers and paint it on 123D Creature for iPAD. I did my horrible :-) creature in a few minutes!! This app you can paint texture, use modeling brushes like 123D Sculpt and create the creature's anatomy based on a skeleton (with symmetry that you can't disable :-( or animate).

Just click on Export Mesh and the App converts it to OBJ file with your texture and send to your email.

2) Import the file on 3DS Max and you will notice that the mesh is really subdivided!

And the Texture is already Unwrapped:

3) For animation purposes I did retopology using some Conforming tools on a low poly base mesh. This process should demand some work if you need to have a precise result from the target model. (not my case ;-) )

In order to have the same texture as the original model first I had to Unwrap the model:

4) To Project the texture from the Original texture to this new Unwrap mapping I used Render To Texture with a projection modifier. I left all the 3D models (the all quad one and the original) in the same position and clicked on render to texture.

In the Render to Texture Panel, I choose the Projection Mapping and click on Pick button and select the original Mesh from iPad. After that just add an output map with a 1024pixels resolution and Render! The same texture will be project on my new Unwrap mapping like the picture above. Beware with wrong projection identified as red color. If this happen, try to improve your projection modifier so the software can calculate a better solution.

This is the result. The texture is now projected onto the all quad and lowpoly model.

5) Now, just add a CAT Rig (Dragon) really fast and do some Skinning!

That's it... now you've got a 3D Model rigged and ready for animation.

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