Maya BonusTools - Create Audio Wave Node

By Steven Roselle - 7 Dec, 2015 - Maya

I've been sitting on this one for a while and for some reason I just forgot to post it.  Better late than never.  Way back in 2011 a Maya user named Anthony Castaneda (sp?) posted a cool little tutorial and example of how the Audio Wave Node utility in BonusTools can be used to drive objects and attributes in Maya with a sound file.


In viewport example...


Rendered example...


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My Oh Maya | 1 year ago
@sanctuary - Cool. I didn't even know that existed. Thanks for sharing.
Edited by My Oh Maya 1 year ago
sanctuary | 1 year ago
There is a frontUI for this node since 2006, have a look.
Edited by sanctuary 1 year ago
My Oh Maya | 1 year ago
@a.papasozomenos - Did you load the plugin? Windows->Setting->PluginManager - load audioWave.mll
Edited by My Oh Maya 1 year ago
a.papasozomenos | 1 year ago
Hello, I get stuck right at the beginning as my Utility nodes seem to be unavailable. Help!!
Edited by a.papasozomenos 1 year ago
Guillem Mudoy | 1 year ago
Hello,could you complete this tutorial with the process of rendering of this animation? It would be very useful. Thank you
Edited by Guillem Mudoy 1 year ago
snitchkult | 1 year ago
I've been working with the audioWave tools for a while now, about six months. Here's a more robust example of what you can do with it (that I made): [url=]AudioWave fun on Vimeo[/url]
Edited by snitchkult 1 year ago