3ds Max 2020 OSL Updates

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Last modification: 18 Apr, 2019

We have 14 new OSL shaders added into the latest 3ds Max 2020 release, bringing you more flexibility and customization for your rendering workflows.

Watch as 3ds Max team member Zap Anderson takes you through the details:


  • Viewport display of OSL Maps has greatly improved.
  • OSL shaders are now automatically converted to viewport shaders.
  • The GPU driven “Quicksilver Hardware Renderer” now supports OSL Maps
  • Extended / Improved OSL Maps: 
         Bitmap Lookup: Now supports UDIM textures 
         Composite: Now supports blending modes

  • 14 new OSL Maps including:
         Color Key: Perform green-screening inside of 3ds Max
         Color Space: Convert colors between, rgb, hsv, YIQ etc.
         Halftone:  Screen space dot pattern
         Falloff: Get surface orientation to camera
         Simple Gradient: Generate color gradients
         Simple Tiles: Tile pattern generations with bump, corner roundness, and more.
         Waveform: Animate effects in various patterns.
         Weave: Can generate basket weave, cloth threads, or even carbon fiber patterns
         Also including; UVW MatCap, Normal, Random Index by Number, Tri-tone, Threads and Toon Width

Bringing your ideas to life

Autodesk is committed to responding quickly to 3ds Max user feedback. That’s why this release includes many of which were submitted by the 3ds Max user community at 3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com.

Consult the 3ds Max 2020 Release Notes for further information.
For more details, see  What’s New in 3ds Max and visit the 3ds Max Public Roadmap.

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| 2 years ago
Zap rocks!
| 2 years ago
Now looking forward to your OSL shading course. I am complete rookie whet it comes to writing shader code, but your courses make it easier to understand everything that goes on in a OSL code.