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The talented people on the 3ds Max development team have been working overtime to bring you amazing added functionality. Extension 1 for Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2016 is available for download for all subscription customers. It provides you with new powerful tools for animation, better collaboration and seamless workflows with game engines including our new Autodesk Stingray engine. Also, a new 3D text tool gives you everything you need to create and animate stunning text in your scenes, add titles, intros and more. Building on the success of Max Creation Graph (MCG) in 3ds Max 2016, MCG now comes with brand-new animation capabilities in Extension 1. And with Geodesic Voxel Skinning, you can create high-quality production-ready results in less time. An unprecedented level of interoperability between 3ds Max and the Stingray engine makes exchanging content and seeing updates in context easier. With the new MCG graphs for animation, easily sharable text templates and new integrated Creative Market Search capabilities, Extension 1 opens another new world of possibilities for sharing assets.  


The new text tool allows you to edit, extrude and bevel all in one place, simplifying text workflow, while also providing a powerful tool for motion and info graphics.

  • Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word® documents and retain font information and style.
  • Edit the text with global controls as well as local editing capabilities such as kerning, tracking, baseline shifting and scale.
  • There's a powerful beveling tool that has several presets or create your own set of favorite bevel presets.
  • Diagramming or custom information text can be created using the value to string tool, allowing you to display any value you would like as text.
  • You can add animation to your text using animation presets.

I think you'll need to see it to believe it.

Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap Skinning

With Geodesic Voxel and Heat Map solvers, you can generate better skin weighting in a fraction of the time as compared with traditional skinning methods. These new skinning methods can be run outside of the bind pose, and even on selected areas, which makes it easier to refine your weighting in particular spots. Geodesic Voxel Skinning can handle complex geometry that is not watertight and can contain non-manifold or overlapping components — as is frequently the case with real-world production meshes. 

  • Once you add the skin modifier to the mesh and the required bones, you can solve in any pose because the bind pose is stored in the modifier. This allows for the user to easily see the difference when in a pose.
  • You can solve selected areas. This allows the user to focus on troubled areas and see if changing the falloff or the actual solver in a particular area helps.


Experience Seamless Art - to - Engine Workflows 

The new Game exporter allows users to transfer many different types of data from 3ds Max into game engines: Unity, Unreal Engine and the new Autodesk Stingray engine, using FBX interchange technology: models, animation takes, character rigs, textures, materials, LODs, lights, and cameras.

Users who download Stingray will benefit from a new Live Link between 3ds Max and the Stingray engine. Whether you’re a developer creating 3D games or a design professional creating real-time visualizations, the Stingray engine helps you produce visually stunning 3D experiences.

Live linking enables:

Geometry and cameras can be connected between Stingray and 3ds Max, allowing artists to assess and review 3D assets and scenes in an interactive 3D environment.

Users can make modifications in 3ds Max and see updates in Stingray right away with a one-click workflow.

ShaderFX has also been enhanced to better support the physically-based shaders when working with Stingray. Materials created in ShaderFX, can easily be transferred between 3ds Max and Stingray with visual consistency in both tools. 


New Max Creation Graph (MCG) Animation Controllers 

We introduced you to the Max Creation Graph with 3ds Max 2016. Extension 1 adds more to this already powerful tool.

  • Extension of maxscript plugin capabilities, new maxscripted controller plugins: float, point3, point4, color, position, rotation, scale, and transform controllers
  • MCG controller authoring based on scripted controller classes previously mentioned. Users can use most mcg operators and graph functionality to create unique custom controllers
  • MCG implicit controller transform parameter, allows users to get the Position, Rotation or Scale transforms of the current transform controller
  • Ability  to select and assign multiple nodes via the mcg tool UI 
  • MCG implicit time parameter, When  the time implicit parameter operator is used, the graph is re-evaluated on each frame
  • Time conversion operators, Tick->Frames->seconds
  • Simulation operators based on bullet physics api, allows user to create physically based simulation controllers.
  • Ability to use maxscript  in custom UI tab to extend MCG graph functionality (mouse handling, sub- controller modification, assigning values to parameter blocks)
  • 3 MCG authored Constraints accessible from animation menu, MCG Lookat with Billboard Constraint, MCG RaytoSurface Position/Orientation/Transform , Rotation Spring

find out more at Christopher Diggin's 3ds Max Mayhem blog

Make/Save Money with Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace, featuring high-quality 3D and 2D assets, such as people, cars or environments. You can license assets that have been created by other artists in the community to get started quickly or set up your own storefronts to sell original content and earn extra money. With Extension 1, a new Creative Market search window has been added that makes it easy to quickly search 3D right from within 3ds Max. You can also set a download location and access it directly from the Creative Market dialog box in the software. 

Amazing Team; Amazing Features

Again, it is with great honor that I get to bring you the good news about the amazing features that the men and women of the 3ds Max team have been working on. Add to that over 100 fixes as part of Service Pack 1 for 2016 and it's easy to see that things continue to get better.

As always, I am equally as excited to see what you do with this new funtionality. 


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| 6 years ago
Just installed SP1 and I don't see textplus. Stingray is loaded, so it seems like a partially successful update. I've read on a few posts that there are two installs - SP1 and EXT 1? Is there a link to EXT 1?
Edited by dbwkmhXd 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
The Stingray menu and functionality is installed with Stingray.
Edited by YjODP7Id 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
i install 3dsMax extension 1 but there is no StingRay menu on my 3dsMax. where is the problem? (i have textPlus and ...,i just dont see any Stingray)
Edited by 8zGuL7k3 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
@kellymichels: Just sent you an email, thank you!
Edited by AnLdJPKa 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
@lordcolombo: Please email me directly and I will work with you on this. kelly.michels@autodesk.com
Edited by nA9Lfbts 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Oh God, plz make that fugly Ribbon die!
Edited by JseEsrtv 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Just tested the Game Exporter feature, really sad right now. First problem, I've listed all my animations with the right frames and names (by the way, the tool doesn't allow me to use @ on the clip name, if I use it, when I click export it just pop up an error with no extra info) than I export and import the multiple clip fbx in Unity but the engine doesn't recognize the animation, it just says No animation data available for this model, but when I load the same fbx clip in 3D max, the animation is there, if I make the old exporte procedure, export the fbx normally, Unity recgnize the animation. In summary, if I use the Game Exporter tool, unity doesn't know were is the animation. Second problem, the tool doesn't allow me to load more than 14 clip animations. I've listed all my animations, 30 clips, than I save the preset, it created the .ini file, i closed Max, openied it, loaded the preset and it only shows the first 14 clips, I've checked the ini file and all the animations are there but the tool doesn't load it. Feedback please!
Edited by AnLdJPKa 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
I'm surprised how Eddie has convinced Autodesk that these added tools were "modeling tools"...nice one ;)
Edited by 0Bmuoj8a 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Good update. Max is going the right way again!
Edited by 1KgODaDq 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Wow! great one! thanks guys for new skin, motion graphic and game develops.
Edited by 8B38hbs3 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Impressive stuff, it looks like you're not ready to give up the games market to Maya just yet!
Edited by wRcQw6Wl 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
Fantastic Extension guys, the Geodesic Skinning and Game Exporter was a nice surprise, and Bullet! interesting twists in there, keep up the great work...
Edited by EIFLJsu9 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
nice one MCG sure has been a productive bit of code!
Edited by 137NDbU1 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
great update. thank you.
Edited by xcGhNkDO 6 years ago