3ds Max 2020 Animation Preview Updates

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Last modification: 28 Mar, 2019

The Create Animation Preview feature’s performance has been significantly improved in the latest 3ds Mas 2020 update and houses new functionalities that will speed up your workflow

Watch as 3ds Max team member David Menard takes you through the details:



  • Creation on local drive is now up to 3 times faster
  • Allows AVI codec selection 
  • Capture size greater than viewport dimensions supported 
Various User Experience Improvements include; 
     Play when done is accessible from Preview UI 
     Quality setting is accessible from Preview UI (Nitrous only) 
     Default preview filename now matches the scene name by default
     100% output resolution on by default
     Default quality setting changed from 16 to 1
  • MXS snippet can be executed per frame for custom strings. 
  • Filename and MXS snippet values can be specified from MXS command line of Create Preview
  • After executing the preview, the time slider is returned to the original starting frame. 

Bringing your ideas to life

Autodesk is committed to responding quickly to 3ds Max user feedback. That’s why this release includes many of which were submitted by the 3ds Max user community at 3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com.

Consult the 3ds Max 2020 Release Notes for further information.
For more details, see  What’s New in 3ds Max and visit the 3ds Max Public Roadmap.



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| 2 years ago
Does the viewport preset drop-down not offer a User Defined option in 2020 previews? I didn't see it in the example video, only the Max pre-defined options. 90% of the time I need my preview to use a custom setting that I've set in my viewport, not one of the hard-coded presets. In Max 2017-19 there is a bug that prevents User Defined being chosen for previews on certain installs that nobody at Adesk could every figure out after I reported it to multiple channels.
Edited by SI3zixKh 2 years ago