3ds Max 2020.1 Feature Updates

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Last modification: 6 Jun, 2019

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020.1 is focused on enhancing your workflow by delivering you modernized tools such as keyboard shortcut management and detachable viewports. Plus, building upon our 2020 release chamfer modifier feedback, we have polished and provided an additional update to bring you a more predictable tool. 

Detachable Viewports   

Enhance your workspace experience by extending your viewports across various monitors.

Watch as 3ds Max team member Ken Larue takes you through the details:



  • Leverage multi-monitor set-up and float up to three additional viewport panels across multiple monitors
  • Each viewport panel can be separately configured



Updated default keyboard shortcuts and improved hotkey management

Easily customize, merge, and visualize shortcuts keys with a new hotkey system and hotkey editor tool.

Watch as 3ds Max team member Brent Scannell takes you through the details:


  • New Hotkey Editor tool replaces the Keyboard tab in the Customize User Interface dialog
  • Search for action by keywords or by current hotkey assignments
  • Clear current assignments and conflicts with undo history
  • Filter actions by current customization status, and by groups
  • Migrate legacy keyboard shortcut files without missing out on updates to the defaults
  • User hotkey settings are saved separately from defaults in a dedicated and accessible User Settings folder
  • Configuration selector allows easy and quick switching between hotkey sets



Chamfer modifier improvement 

Building upon our 2020 Update users’ feedback, receive even more efficient and predictable modeling options.


Watch as 3ds Max team member Martin Coven takes you through the details:



  • By Weight chamfer type provides absolute weight on an edge, altering the shape of the mitered corners
  • Scale spinner globally multiplies the Weight values in the scale amount
  • Crease Weight averages between connecting edges provide a varying width over a span of edges
  • Depth Weighting allows control on a per-edge basis
  • Depth Type combobox features Fixed and By Weight which hides the modifiers spinner and fetches per-edge depth values from the mesh channel.
  • Depth spinner has been added to Edit/able Poly in the Edit Edges Rollout under Crease and Ribbon in the Edge Panel.
  • Radius Bias will alter shape of the chamfer in areas where there are acute corners, making them more uniform.
  • Spinner blends the chamfer size to the radius amount to handle sharp corners.



Additional Improvements 

New Double-click selection allows you to be efficient and faster while modeling. 

  - Support added for EditablePolyEditPoly modifier, EditableSpline and EditSpline modifier.
  - Works with Unwrap UVW in both UV Editor and 3d viewports.
  - Includes modifier hotkeys to add selection or subtract selection and works in Maya Interaction mode
  - Objects to select all contiguous faces, verts, segments, etc.

Command Panel Improvements allow you to switch between different Edit Poly modes 70% faster

 - Autocomplete for MAXScript is on by default in the MAXScript editor and works out-of-the-box. 
 - The new generateAPIList <stringstream> MAXScript API makes it easier to enable
   autocomplete for MAXScript in 3rd party editors.

Consult the 3ds Max Release Notes for further information

Bringing your ideas to life

Autodesk is committed to responding quickly to 3ds Max user feedback. That’s why this release includes many of which were submitted by the 3ds Max user community at 3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com.

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| 1 year ago
Would be awesome if Max could get the same kind of timeline playback caching as Maya 2019 now has! I agree with Andrew, our studio may start looking into integrating the use of Blender 2.8 and Vray Next because the subscription costs for Max and Maya are going through the roof. One of the biggest reasons we never moved to Houdini is because of the extreme cost and Autodesk is getting close and closer to that price point.
| 1 year ago
Hey! A great new feature would be perpetual licences! I've just dumped my Adobe rentals to move to non-rental alternatives. Checking out Blender 2.8 now and Houdini annual subscription pricing doesn't seem too bad considering you've got a perpetual licence to fall back on. I love MAX and have been on the bandwagon since 3D Studio for DOS days, so it'd be a shame to have to leave.
| 1 year ago
This time, I mean starting from 2019.3, update amount features are growing. Keep this pace, please. Edoardo - 4m group - Italy