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3ds Max 2020 Release
We're thrilled to share with you our latest 3ds Max update! Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 focuses on delivering efficiency, performance, and stability that will speed up your content creation process. 

New updates for Revit and Chamfer Modifier provide more flexibility, whether it’s dealing with importing complex BIM data or creating that next killer game asset. Improvements to OSL (Open Shading Language), viewport playback, and a faster animation preview allow you to visualize the results of your work more accurately and minimize times between production changes.

For more details on the 2020 update along with what we've been up to since 3ds Max 2016, see What’s New in 3ds Max

Beyond 2020 – 3ds Max Public Roadmap

The Autodesk 3ds Max product team is pleased to share this public roadmap. Our goal is to engage further with you, the 3ds Max community, and share a high-level overview of the direction for the product. We plan to post an update like this one regularly, as things evolve and as we refine our plans. The team has been busy and there is a lot to be excited about for the future!

This roadmap may make statements regarding future events and development efforts for our products and services. These statements reflect our current expectations based on what we know today. Our plans are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services or features and purchasing decisions should not be made based upon these statements. We do not assume any responsibility to update this roadmap to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the publish date of this roadmap.

New Ways of Delivering Value
We think it's worth sharing that we've updated the way we build 3ds Max and the way we deliver value to you.

Delivering smaller chunks at a time
We develop capabilities and features in a truly iterative way, approaching the big problems first to de-risk the unknowns upfront and deliver the quality and functionality you expect.

Turning around feedback more frequently
We iterate quickly on the feedback we get from our user base, and rapidly adjust the course to make necessary changes.

Working hand in hand with 3rd party developers
We work closely with 3rd party plugin developers to make sure the plugins you depend on are ready and available for each release.

Why is this important? These changes allow us to deliver a higher quality product more rapidly. Since we have shifted to this model, our quality indicators are showing significant positive trends. Our goal is to provide the highest quality tools with each release, so you can upgrade at any time, secure in your expectation of feature richness and product stability.

Looking at the last 2 years, here is a high-level view of what this model has allowed us to deliver:

For a complete list of capabilities shipped in the past, see What's New in 3ds Max

The 3ds Max product team uses three main themes to categorize our efforts. The themes might change over time, but they reflect our vision for the products we offer. We organize our development around these three themes, so we’ve structured this public roadmap around them to help communicate the story:

The roadmap is structured by product theme to help you see more of a continuous story. For each theme, you will see examples of recently delivered features, as well as new features and improvements we are considering for the future. 

The list of capabilities presented below is certainly not exhaustive and is subject to change. We have released more than what is shown, and we are working on more than what you will see here. The intention is to give you a good sense of our direction and areas of focus.

Create: Modernized procedural tools
3ds Max simple and procedural tools are critical for artists, as is maintaining full control over the details. We have recently released numerous spline-based improvements, new modifiers and Boolean tools to modernize the spline-based modelling experience. We then moved to review 3D modifiers to modernize 3D procedural based modelling tools.


Environment Layout: 3ds Max is often used to layout small to large environments but lacks dedicated tools for this workflow. We are exploring building procedural environment layout capabilities based on Bifröst to provide out of the box workflows (Bifrost is our procedural engine used in 3ds Max and Maya).

3D Booleans: To provide a modernized experience for 3D Boolean workflows, the team has worked on making complex volume intersection management simple in chamfering. Additionally, the team is looking at converging the different Boolean workflows to streamline the experience similarly to the work done with Shape Booleans.

Create: Enhance core tools and performance
The overall 3ds Max user experience is critical to enabling artists to focus on the creative process. As such, we are constantly reviewing existing workflows, trying to speed up manual steps, fix unexpected behaviors, and better match evolving experience expectations.


Tear-off viewport: 3ds Max has historically been limited to four viewports within the main window. The product team is working at making this more flexible so artists can use 3ds Max viewports across all their monitors.

Keyboard shortcut experience:
Configuring keyboard shortcuts is not always easy, so we’re working on reducing the time it takes to find, assign, and share shortcuts across teams efficiently.

Create: Consolidate the rendering experience
Over the years, the 3ds Max team has introduced several workflows for rendering to satisfy the numerous rendering integrations and the growing community of 3rd party renderers. We are now looking at consolidating that experience based on modern best practices to facilitate the overall rendering setup and maintenance while staying renderer agnostic.


Arnold GPU: We are working hard at making Arnold able to leverage the GPU power when available. For 3ds Max, it would mean faster rendering times, either as a final frame or in the viewport through Active Shade, while allowing the same results on a CPU render farm without having to tweak the content.

Arnold as the default renderer: We are reviewing our rendering settings and experience so Arnold is always right at your fingertips when you need it. We are also reviewing our default settings and parameters to align them to modern standards.

Create: Accelerate time to preview
Previewing results, whether for real-time or rendering, is increasingly important as content creation teams are continually looking for faster iteration time so they may deliver the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time. The 3ds Max team wants to let you experience the best preview of the final result possible before publishing.


Viewport quality settings: The 3ds Max viewport is extremely capable, but has become complicated to configure. The team is looking at making viewport quality configuration the simplest experience possible, especially when targeting industry standards such as PBR preview.

Physical Material as the default: There are many different material types available in 3ds Max, and as we are exploring the convergence of similar material standards in the industry, we are looking at standardizing our many workflows on the Physical Material to provide better support for the viewport and any renderer.

Collaborate: Simplify character animation workflows
3ds Max has several independent rig systems: Biped, CAT, Populate, and custom rigs. As each has different strengths, you might have to move animation data across those rigs to benefit from a different animation toolset, or move animation data in and out of 3ds Max with other animation packages. We are working on lowering the interoperability barrier to provide easier workflows and greater flexibility.

Character rig interop and retargeting:
With many different rig systems, 3ds Max provides solid foundations for animation but since it is not possible to step out of those rigs without baking the animations, it is difficult to collaborate with animators in other software or use mocap data easily. The product team is experimenting with live retargeting capabilities with HumanIK, to provide simpler ways to get animation data in and out of 3ds Max without baking animations to keyframes.

Populate customization: By leveraging our research in retargeting, 3ds Max would become capable of retargeting populate animations to any rig, allowing to drive any character from populate, while making those characters able to interact in real-time with dynamic environments, walk on slopes or climb up and down stairs.

Collaborate: Embrace open standards
The 3ds Max team thinks that pipeline managers should have the freedom to use the right software at any step, so, we believe that Open Standards are essential: they create more opportunities to tailor the pipeline to each user’s need without locking them to a specific solution or recipe. We are considering all opportunities to support Open Standards as the industry's ever-increasing expectations for large scale content creation and artist collaboration grow.


USD: The open Universal Scene Description standard promises significant improvements to collaboration over large content creation pipelines, and for AR use cases. Across different industries, 3ds Max users are experimenting with USD, and the team is experimenting with various workflows leveraging a native USD integration.

MaterialX: Material interoperability is a significant bottleneck in constantly evolving content creation pipelines because of the pressure for increasingly fast iterations to preview and review content. We consider the open MaterialX standard a strong option for simplifying interop and preview of materials in a complex pipeline involving multiple content creation solutions.

Collaborate: Efficiently bring data into 3ds Max
Efficiently importing various formats in 3ds Max has great value for everyone. We constantly work on adding support for new formats and improving our existing import processes to make bringing data into 3ds Max as easy as possible.


Sketchup import: Due to age, The 3ds Max Sketchup importer fails to properly support newer versions. The product team is considering updating our libraries to make that import process more streamlined and easier to use.  We will most likely add to this list in a future update.

Collaborate: Partner for real-time workflows
Publishing content for real-time experiences is critical to game workflows, but also for the growing demand in real-time web and AR use cases. Autodesk has partnered with game engine providers to simplify this process and we are looking forward to accelerating the iteration process when real-time engines are involved.


Unity Partnership: After collaborating on the FBXExporter for Unity and in the context of a larger collaboration between Autodesk and Unity, our teams are discussing further improvements to data interop to improve material transport, in addition to other opportunities. More details will come on this topic in the future.


Automate: Free time for creative work
Automating mundane and repetitive tasks for artists is one of our goals. One key area to improve relates to repurposing assets, such as creating LODs, but more generally, it could be anything involving going from a specific asset and recreating it to match the publishing constraints. To achieve this, we wish to improve the toolset in three areas: create new topologies as fast as possible, layout UVs without effort, and easy bake data and textures easily from source assets to targets.

Baking to Texture: The Render to Texture tool in 3ds Max requires an update. To better support the creation of LODs and the repurposing assets in general, we are redesigning the baking tool in 3ds Max from the ground up. While leveraging Arnold for the baking process, we will continue supporting 3rd party renderers, making the entire experience more robust and efficient.

Automated retopology: We’re experimenting with integrating Reform in 3ds Max to provide fully automated retopology capabilities. We are also looking at semi-automated retopology capabilities using artist-driven constraints, such as important edges for UV seams or animation purposes. Combined with the new baking capabilities, we hope to use these tools to improve support for LOD creation and facilitate asset repurposing.

Automate: Portable simulation solvers
Following ideas submitted by 3ds Max users, the team has integrated a fluid solver based on the Bifröst technology in the product. This work is being done in collaboration with other Autodesk product teams to maximize our engineering efficiency while rolling out the capabilities in a way that fits the experience expected by 3ds Max users.


Fire and smoke: As the Bifröst technology keeps evolving, we are looking at rolling in more simulation tools. We will most likely add to this list in a future update.

Automate: Simplify development experience
The 3ds Max community of 3rd party developers is important to the success of 3ds Max. Additionally, many of you extend and customize 3ds Max to achieve very specific needs. The product team is working at enhancing the developer experience over time, while providing up-to-date integrations for the different programming languages supported. To enhance the experience, the team also expects to work on the documentation, simplify the learning curve, clarify the SDK, tools and samples. Our efforts are focused on C++ and Python, leveraging Qt for all user interface related integrations.


Python 3: Python 2 may soon be not officially supported; therefore, it is important to provide a Python 3 integration to enable you, as 3ds Max users and pipeline managers, to progressively migrate your tools and automations. We anticipate supporting both Python 2 and 3 for a certain time to permit a smooth transition of the different pipelines. At the same time, the 3ds Max team is considering improving support of Python to make the scripting experience more natural and easier to configure with external IDE or extend with third-party Python modules.

SDK consolidation: Over the years, 3ds Max received many SDK additions to expand the possibilities for third-party integration. However, it also became increasingly complex for you to choose the right programming language and for the 3ds Max team to support them all properly. The product team is reviewing the different SDKs being provided and is considering consolidating, or possibly reducing, the offering to focus on the highest quality level for our main SDK. Additionally, the team expects to help developers make better development choices by providing better learning content and support.

Automate: Scale automation
More and more, 3ds Max is used for automations. The product team has delivered many improvements in recent years to provide the best automation experience, with a true headless mode, strengthening security, and create bridges with cloud platforms. We expect this to benefit all users with in-product experiences, but also to enable new possibilities of using 3ds Max as a backend service powering users and third-party applications and services.


Autodesk ForgeTM Design Automation: The demand for building automation with 3ds Max is increasing. As such, the product team has delivered important improvements to the automation experience and experimented with connecting 3ds Max to the Autodesk cloud platform. Recently, we added beta support for 3ds Max in Forge. Forge is the Autodesk developer program giving access to our cloud infrastructure, making 3ds Max accessible through a REST API called Design Automation. This allows anyone with a Forge developer key to leverage 3ds Max automation for any workflows. The product team is planning to leverage this infrastructure to provide 3ds Max desktop users with an easier way to run batch automations.

Get Involved!

We want to connect with you! Here are a few ways you can reach out:

  • Comment directly here on this post with feedback on the public roadmap.
  • Post on the 3ds Max public forums where you can get support and answers to your questions from the community, our Autodesk support team, and the 3ds Max product team.
  • Suggest an idea on the 3ds Max idea site about what you’d like to see implemented in the product. You can also vote on existing ideas proposed by the community.
  • Join the 3ds Max beta where you can engage with the product team directly and provide invaluable feedback. This engagement level requires a bit more commitment but provides high-touch and direct contact with us.

We hope you find this information useful, looking forward to hearing from you!

The 3ds Max product team

Consult the 3ds Max 2020 Release Notes for further information.


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| 1 day ago
Well, the best of 3DS Max is to uninstall it and migrate to Blender.
| 3 days ago
I can see nothing in regards of skin-deformation/muscle-system /fat in the roadmap. It`s 3dsmax2020 now and we still can`t deform an object using another object/parametric deformer. And even worse than that, there isn`t even a real 3rd party alternative for this.
Edited by yAlomGgp 3 days ago
... For the love of 3ds max, being that I have your attention here, it's a bit of a setback that we cannot assign lights to specific objects in your scene as we were able to do with mental ray standard and photometric lights. I remember we were able to add or subtract objects from lights to create object specific lighting conditions. I've posted the idea or the ideas forum, since over 2yrs at least, and I haven't gotten any feedback for such a small but vital feature...
@Neil... Unfortunately, I can't post pictures on this platform. Try creating a scene with standard skylight. You find that the shadows and general lighting in the viewport is smooth and appealing. When you try to render preview it, you get a sort of faceted lighting and shadow in the video even after turning up the image quality as provided in the dialogue. It doesn't look as smooth and soft as when you look at the scene in the viewport. Also another thing to note, videos no longer come with embedded transparency for backgrounds as it usually was with render preview. It's now always matted. Thanks for giving this some attention.
Edited by TIx2ckjj 3 days ago
| 4 days ago
I tried it here locally by turning on the Frame Number option and I could render out to AVI any number of frames, not just 100. For the UI question the option is controlled by the Image Quality setting in the rollout.
@Neil Hazzard, Thanks for the help. I'd try it out and see if it works. However, it would be really nice if there could be a spinner somewhere in the render preview dialogue window that resolves this. I suppose it's just a little annoying thing. I have also observed that render preview doesn't render beyond 100 frames. Or it does in the real-time feedback, but doesn't play beyond 100 frames as a video... I'm really excited about the journey so far, but please do something about max's character rigging. Faces especially. There doesn't seem to be any quick or motivating solutions out there for max, as there is for Maya. If this is included in the roadmap, it would seem like a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for your highly anticipated feedback(rigging :))...
| 5 days ago
Or... Play with the "image Quality" setting, that might be even simpler :-)
| 5 days ago
@Tochukwu The difference in result for the preview and the viewport could be down to the number of iterations set to resolve to the final image. You can change this in maxscript as the Preview might be a little low. NitrousGraphicsManager.MakePreviewQuality = XXX Set the value to something like 32 or adjust to get the quality you want. We can look to changing the default value. Hope this helps you.
| 7 days ago
@Tochukwu: thank you for your feedback. I’ll do a follow up with the devs on the team about your comments related to rendering preview. Thanks!
| 12 days ago
Thank you for sharing a little peek into the crystal ball. I think the Max nation has been craving a roadmap for quite a while.
| 19 days ago
lol. Here i am, officially withdrawing my skepticism about max 2020 and upgrades so far. The new chamfer improvements are awesome, i cant even overemphasize. Also, the latest improvements to preview animation is a huge leap for me. some of the things i'm able to now do with chamfer and preview are things i didnt even know i was missing. i think 'chamfer' here on, can be considered complete!. However, theres just one little thing i feel needs to be worked on in preview. skylights dont render properly as they look in the viewport in the previewed video. There are still shading artifacts which are not visible in the viewport, but are present while rendering preview. if this is sorted, 2020 mx would be the most complete yet. so far, i havent experienced any bugs or unexpected errors yet.
| 22 days ago
Improve or update CAT, this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg9aqIQp3EMn9sJP8JQyJ7w Does not have 5000 subscribers for nothing by just posting tutorials on CAT, CAT that you have abandoned is popular enough to attract 5000 souls. My self I just bought a monthly subscription to 3ds max so I can use CAT while developing a game. If I see that you give it some love I may even get a yearly subscription and not abandon you for Blender 2.8 once it gets more stable. Last but not least here is a beautiful animation from my project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ttgrtRb1A All thanks to CAT, which saved us money and time done in hours instead of days/weeks. Doing this in any other software would take weeks! Be real and update CAT, modernise it's interface, fix any bugs there are and add features that help us work with it even faster!
Edited by OnucHnL3 22 days ago
| 23 days ago
@Pavel - I'm sure that the plan is not just "hotkeys and tearoff viewport" even on the very short term. There's much more than that on the roadmap.
| 23 days ago
First, thanks a lot for being so open to set up a roadmap here, and your continuing development efforts! However, I had some hopes that Max 2020 would be a bigger step forward regarding modernizing and consolidating the user interface, and in that regard was disappointed. (Respect for all the good stuff that has been fixed elsewhere, though!) Please continue to put efforts in that 'topmost' part of the application (from a user's perspective), and remove as much of the legacy, cringeworthy stuff as you can, and push forward with the Qt migration. Max needs a 'snappier' UI! This is the wrong place for details, but I know that you know. Get inspired by Softimage, Cinema 4D, even Blender 2.8 now... Thanks!
| 24 days ago
Alexandros is right Nicolas. The plan up is to have hotkeys and tearoff viewport. This is small service pack. Why no big feature or innovate? Roadmap should be inspire not sad.
| 24 days ago
@alexandros. I am sorry you feel this way about the release and if I may, I would like to highlight one thing that hopefully can shed some light on how we push capability in 3ds Max embracing our new continuous delivery model. Since 3ds Max 2019, this 2020 release is the fourth release that we’ve done. Each of these releases (major or updates) included new capabilities. On average, in each of those releases, you will see about 3 months’ worth of development effort. So, one should really look at the cumulative list of capabilities we added since 2019 to evaluate one year of product evolution. I hope this helps. As noted above in the blog post, here is the link to see the overall value added to 3ds Max over time: https://area.autodesk.com/3dsmax-timeline/.
Edited by 104DpQV4 24 days ago
This is not good , This is a small service pack. You can't justify the price of £1700 per year. It is unbelievable.
| 24 days ago
@logan : we are planning to update this regularly, which means whenever there are enough changes to communicate. I can’t commit to an official frequency, but I am definitely planning on keeping this updated for the community to have the valid and up-to-date information.
| 24 days ago
@Tochukwu : a roadmap is a living document. We adapt it as we learn new things from our users and from the industry. We have many ways to gather data: beta, public forums, Ideas forums, customer visits, this public roadmap, etc. We gather thousands of pieces of information in a year and all this info is used to build market insights and to drive the roadmap. So it is certainly not permanent as you asked, but it should also not change completely within a short period of time.
| 24 days ago
@Chip Thanks for participate in threads. In my opinion fire/smoke section is awesome but in general, animation is the Achilles heel in Max! and the most important reason for users to migrate to other softwares and needs more attention. some part like character assemble, up to date particle system, Powerful and comprehensive project refrensing system, hair, cloth and etc. Also another huge issue is the modeling section! new boolean method like meshfusion in Modo is lovely but not enough! Users have liked Max because of the modeling since many years ago ,so I think is requested more and more attension at the moment specially in the some parts like Polygon modeling, UV Unwraping and Sculping toolset because in these parts Max is behind the rivals and this is not acceptable for fans of this software.
| 25 days ago
ok. @chip. is this roadmap permanent across development timeline or would it change to reflect user requests as they come up?
| 25 days ago
@Tochukwu Nwankwere No, this is not another user request forum. There is a link above to our Ideas Forum where we do work on the stuff in there and communicate their status. I know at times it can feel like we're not listening. I would like to reassure you that is not the case. We may not comment on everything or we may breaks in communication, but we do see it all. The good and the bad.
| 25 days ago
Is this another USER REQUEST forum?. Because I know there are things in that forum that has been in there for years, without implementation. Would Autodesk listen to us here?
| 25 days ago
Very nice, its been a long time since we have seen a public roadmap out for 3DS Max (and even the one for XBR was only made public because someone leaked it). I have to say overall I like this list, it showcases a lot of gaps being targeted by Autodesk for resolution and what those resolution items are. If many of the items we see on here get resolved within the next year I think we will certainly see a very strong and robust 3DS Max software. With that said, will you be doing roadmap updates every point release, update, and/or 6 months? That way we can keep up to date on the thought and logic that is going on?
| 25 days ago
@Klaas If that does happen it would be rolled out over time. join the beta and let's talk about it!
| 25 days ago
The problem i have with max is, it became a tool i have to spend so much time for workarounds. And i am talking about basic tools, like uvs, modeling and animation. But a software should offer the user stable tools, which are thought- out to and tested in detail. And a Software should be innovative and inspire people to make great projects with it.
| 25 days ago
I have written a post on the Area covering the release of 2020 and the roadmap, its too long to post here but if you are interested in the thoughts of a 20+ year 3DS Max user on the recent history and feature development in 3DS Max you can read it here https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/3ds-max-forum/3ds-max-features-and-future-my-personal-timeline/td-p/8690094
| 25 days ago
This is a good initiative, bringing more people into the future plans so they can be discussed, is a good way to form and sculpt the application over time, where users has a chance to be part of something, instead of having some random stuff dropped over their heads. In return you also get a chance to see if some bullet points are way off the plate, or very popular and that can generate a need for a larger and more complex initiative than originally planned. As a beta tester, many if not all of these plans are known already - and have been active already testing out several initiatives already. Many of the NEXT initiatives are attractive for various scenarios, some general some more specific.
| 25 days ago
It's a pity again... I left 3dsMAX since version 2017 ... (I used it since version 1 DOS) I use Houdini .... On two versions (16 > 17.5) there has been more constructive news than on 10 versions of 3dsMAX. The game industry is gradually abandoning 3dsMAX, the animation industry is no longer interested in 3dsMAX, it's exactly the same for FX ... 3dsMAX remains the shadow of itself, and in the shadows from Revit. Meanwhile the doors open for Houdini and even for Blender. Why do you still your dinosaurs? With each novelties you sell us as improving bugs fixes ... but damn it, make all the corrections at once ... then pass your energy to the real news on the real update ... A proof of innovation, would be a rewrite of 3dsMAX and MAYA ... Best regards
| 25 days ago
I am really happy that 3ds max developers are communicating their plans with wider community. It is encouraging to see this change of approach to the design and improvement of the software I use daily. Thanks and keep up the good work!
| 25 days ago
It's great to see a public roadmap. I'm a bit worried about the SDK consolidation item. As a developer working with maxscript and C# does this mean I should worry about one of those languages being dropped?
| 25 days ago
Thank you for your reactions and posts. Your feedback is important to help us drive the product in the right direction. Every year, we collect several thousands of feature requests for 3ds Max, from hundreds of users. 3ds Max is popular and used in many ways, and our mission is to modernize it to answer your evolving needs while preserving workflows built on 3ds Max for more than two decades. We are reading and hearing all these requests listed below. Those topics are important to us and are represented in the roadmap in one way or another. We have many topics in the works and several related capabilities have been released in the 10 different updates from the last 2 years. Please have a quick look at the What's New section that wraps it all up.
| 25 days ago
Looking forward to the future, we would love to hear from you if you feel that the topics mentioned in the future sections of each categories shouldn't be worked on, or if you think other topics should be taking precedence. Because this comment area is limited in size, you can also provide a complete description of your ideas on forums.autodesk.com or vote on existing ideas. We are reading every single one of these ideas and use them in our prioritization process. Thank you for being engaged. We love 3ds Max, and we'd love to make it better for you.
| 25 days ago
Nice to finally see a public roadmap. I hope to see improvements on procedural workflow in general (looks like I see finally a hint for a instance at render time for 3dsmax), and more specially in FX. I hope to see expanded datachannels, I hope not only to see fire and smoke, but how to manage particles in general, we need tools like magmaflow to manage particles postcache, we need ways to instance at render time objects in huge amount of particle data, I hope to see a pflow uptodate, and also I hope to see a performance boost that will help everyone using 3dsmax no natter for what. 2020 updates will be exciting!
| 25 days ago
Thanks for making this available to us as it helps to focus the community on what has been done and what needs to be done. I realize it is difficult to tip your hand completely for various reasons, but this definitely a step in the right direction. Please, for the love of Pete, keep on this and do not let it fall to the wayside, which has happened in the past. I feel this will keep 3ds max moving in the right direction. Oddly, Richard's comment below about Maya losing the love in favor of 3ds max is exactly what a fair amount of the 3ds max community has been feeling about Maya, specifically, Autodesk has been giving Maya all the love and marketing. Funny how the grass is always greener... Keep on truckin' 3ds max team.
| 25 days ago
Very ambitious, I like this new set of ideas. I cannot wait to try out 3ds Max 2020 so I can try out the new features, not to mention experience the improved performance. :)
| 25 days ago
Everybody has own priority. You can not please everybody.It looks like good plan for overall. Fire and Smoke make sense as next step, USD and MaterialX are surprise. Auto-retopo sounds good. BTW, floating viewport is #1 user wanted item in user voice. It should be an welcome addition. I want more animation feature, too. But, hair and muscle? .
| 25 days ago
Maybe its better that 3ds max just dies so that we can all move forward and can finally let go of it because its hard to let go of max. the love is deep but when i see this. its a joke.?
| 26 days ago
@Ehsan There are items in the roadmap around simulation with the next focus on smoke/fire. There are also rigging work to be done as well. Maybe not on custom rigs specifically, but retargeting to different types of rigs. While we do work on these areas, surrounding areas may benefit as we would need to update things peripherally.
| 26 days ago
"Continuously delivering value" for the shareholders until the company goes bust because all the customers are effectively being told to bugger-off. €5400 over three years for... and the rent is set to rise. Currently Autodesk has a share-price of $153.10 which seems a little over-valued to say the least. Shareholders should sell, sell, sell!
| 26 days ago
Where are the modeling features?! Blender is running circles around you and you don't have any modeling features? UV mapping is terrible in MAX, blender even has snap-to-pixels. Why no sculpting like Blender? Copy it from Maya at least. This plan is all fancy words and not listening to what artists need.
| 26 days ago
Hooray! Making my subscription worth it. Thanks Autodesk! As a customer since max 5, I enjoy the frequent updates throughout the year. I see USD on the list, and I would appreciate *any* sort of USD support for geometry and simple animations 'soon'. Will be a big deal for me. Also a 3D boolean workflow like shape boolean would be very cool. Looking forward to this years major and point releases!
| 26 days ago
Is this a joke?! You're going to give us hotkeys and let me tear off a viewport? How is that even a roadmap, that is expected. Blender is hotkeys already! Making your viewport capable is disgrace. Check what evee can do, it is 1000x better than your plan and it's free. I am long time user of Max since it came on 7 discs. I give up, Blender is far better and free. Even houdini has hotkeys and is better modeling procedural. Max is dead.
Edited by 2MHovx6y 26 days ago
| 26 days ago
All these things mentioned here are most welcome, nice and all.... but... IMHO, 3ds Max dev team should focus first and foremost, on one and only thing: -Take the ancient modifier list and convert it to a node-based workflow, while redesigning the GUI to accommodate this change. And i'm not talking about complex low level control like MCG nodes, but a higher level control with a modern node-based layout, that should be visually appealing and easier to explore, use and assign/connect modifiers, than the current stack list of operations, which can get cluttered quite easily... Let's see if i can gather votes for this in the Ideas forum... :)
| 26 days ago
Eager to test out some of the new stuff. Can you tell me when the student version of 2020 becomes available ? Thanks ! :)
| 26 days ago
At first, thanks for your description, but what about animation?! Do not have any more roadmaps for animation section like hair, cloth, muscle, better custom rig tools and ... ?
| 26 days ago
Quality content here. However, not much is said about animation, an area where 3ds max greatly lacks. Are we getting a new muscle system as highly requested in the user request forum?. how about xgen, since our 'hair and fur' is ridiculously outdated. No space deformers or tools to even help us rig faces better?. Also, data channel modifier has been one of the most useful tools ive recently had in 3ds max lately. what expansions are we expecting to see in this area in the nearest future?...are we not also getting something on fragmentation? big ups to fire and smoke though.
| 26 days ago
Hi Richard, I can assure you that our commitment to Maya is solid at Autodesk and Maya just pushed a major release 2 months ago. Don't get bugged down on the version number. We decided to test a public roadmap for 3ds Max first and we are seriously considering it for Maya as well. Thank you for your feedback, Nic
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| 26 days ago
Wish Autodesk would be this enthusiastic with Maya, we have only just got Maya 2019 and here you are talking about 3DS MAX 2020! Autodesk commitment to Maya is very poor and it really shows. I for one am considering abandoning Autodesk products completely, we as consumers have good alternative software to choose from and it will happen