Introducing 3ds Max 2018

By The 3ds Max Team - 12 Apr, 2017 - 3ds Max

It's here!

3ds Max 2018 helps deliver improved productivity so that users can work more efficiently and creatively with modeling, animation, rendering and workflow updates.

  • Smart Asset Packaging allows users to create, share, and update portable assets that are flexible, connected, and react to changes in design data.

  • Customizable Workspaces offer a more responsive, modern, and personalized user experience.

  • From 3ds Max 2017.1: Blended Box Map gives users the ability to morph visible seams by blending as many as six materials applied to an object. More on this here:

  • MAXtoA 1.0 plug-in is integrated into 3ds Max 2018, giving artists access to Arnold's latest features.

  • From 3ds Max 2017.1: The Data Channel Modifier allows users to derive information directly from their model and then use it to drive other types of modifications. This simplifies tasks such as smoothing objects based on curvature and making a vertex color mask based on an angle, as examples. More on this here:

  • Motion Paths allows you to visualize your animation as a bezier trajectory, giving you a new way to modify your animation.

  • Max to LMV translation cloud service gives uses the ability to view their Max files with Forge Viewer in a web browser, making it easier to review and share assets.

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Ev Megaman | 9 months ago
Im happy with 3ds max and autodesk, it is the only app that can offer so many free and commercial scripts, plugins and now 3ds has MCG. For me, 3ds max will stay the best polygonal modelling tool. Saying something "Im gonna move to blender solely because there are no super huge updates and im too lazy to use 3d party tools...", well, thats just silly) Keep up the good work Autodesk!
Washington Carige | 10 months ago
When I saw something like this and tried it by myself I couldn't ignore:
Washington Carige | 10 months ago
Autodesk, you did a lot for me professionally, but to be honest It is time to move forward. I have started six months ago with the amazing Blender and now I am sure about the path.
Peter Gál | 10 months ago
... as it was expected. :(
Spencer Clough | 11 months ago
Would like to be able to buy it 2011 is getting pretty slow now.
Alexander Procenko | 11 months ago
This is joke!? Its true 2018 release!? ONLY 5 poor "features"(ONLY five new poor features, CARL!) and 2 from 2017.1! AD? For what you take money? People! And this it call "industry standard" lol:) This should be called standard of shame"! ...enough for me...i am migrate to Blender!
Rossen Mitov | 11 months ago
After the failure that was Max 2017 (It's unusable for me and I want a refund!), in my view Max 2018 is the worst release in Max'es history. Nothing of substance is added or improved. When you don't see any demo videos, sneak peeks, and no hype around the new version anywhere to be found, you know things are really bad. Makes you wonder where all our upgrade money go to year after year. If you are going to deliver such minor lacklustre updates, at least ask for no more than half the current upgrade price. Paying the full upgrade price for this release is a daylight robbery. I'm very disappointed and frustrated and I'm currently actively searching for Max alternatives after more than 10 years of professional Max use. Feels like Autodesk's goal is to alienate as much of their user base as possible in the shortest amount of time. Well it's working, I hope they are happy!
Rob Turner | 11 months ago
If anyone has made a successful transition to another platform, for Arch Vis id be happy to hear how it went. Its a daunting predicament, but i dont want to be riding a dead horse in 3-5 years.
Ruediger Mach | 11 months ago
how sad is that?... thank you all for your comments... shows me that I am not alone with my disappointment about the way max goes...
Stephen Wilkie | 11 months ago
Like many others, my relationship with adesk is also over, i have used max since it was studio R4. their change to annual release, and the poor implementation of features that pressure added has begun a series of poor decision making, culminating in the change to rented model that would see the investment in perpetual licence lost. I will stick with the solid 2016, until it doesnt do what i want then off to blender, or modo with my vray licence.
Rob Turner | 11 months ago
I'm actually considering Blender (among others) to replace Max after 20 years of professional use. Autodesk removed the best, possibly the only real improvement to Max in years. IRay was my main rendering engine, and I built a beast of a computer to benefit from its simplicity and rock solid stability. Add the lack of any innovation, legendary instability, ridiculous "improvements" and the price increases and it makes the "divorce" much easier to file. I would gladly donate my subscription money to the Blender community every year, or any other software developer that actually cares about its products or customers. Consider my divorce from Autodesk filed....I'll keep my buggy version of 2017 til I find someone new...I paid for 2018, but its a step backwards for me. Seriously disappointing.
Alireza Akhbari | 11 months ago
of course new update is not enough but good job 3dsmax's team ,3dsmax base going to improve and i like mcg live
Mario Steinbrecher | 11 months ago
I am sad, this new version doesn't even fix the major bugs of the 2017 version, f.e. all those viewport errors, so I have to bid you my farewell 3ds Max, it was an interesting but also (partly) bothersome time with you. In case anybody ask, my new tool I already love dearly is Houdini 16, best thing is that you can go litteraly go back in time!
Marcelo Zacarias | 11 months ago
3ds Max 2018 news??? Where are the news??? Now only Houdini and Maya
Kai Huot-Link | 11 months ago
Shameful to remove Mental Ray and not include network rendering with the introduction of Arnold. This is the most disappointed I've ever been with a new max version.
Roger Gerzner | 11 months ago
Another slap in the face, delivered by Autodesk
Michaell Bakalars | 11 months ago
The communication on this has been the worst. Where is a detailed changelog of fixes? I read someone comment on another forum that there was focus on fixes. The fact that I have to scour forums to understand what is fixed is crazy. I am on 2016 (even though I have paid for multiple maintenance licenses for 2017 and 2018) because 2017 had so many viewport issues. I am still seeing viewport issues, and new ones, especially with Arnold not completely as built in as it should be.
Mike Rovers | 11 months ago
Is this the april fools' joke?
Rene Alex | 11 months ago
The Data Channel Modifier and Blended Box Map "new" features screenshot's reads: "3ds max 2017" on the title bar... max is getting that much attention.
Johan Villeneuve | 11 months ago
Are only two peoples working on 3ds Max every year ? At least lower the price if you have nothing to introduce.. What a scam.
Ehsan Sarahian | 11 months ago
2018 new features list more like a new service pack or extension list!
Justin Dowling | 11 months ago
This is without a doubt the worst update Max has ever had - especially given that you've dropped MR and screwed us on pricing. Shame on you.
Geoff Graham | 11 months ago
Animating motion paths in the viewport is a long overdue, and welcome update. Are these all the new features so far? I heard rumors of other things that are not listed here...
Geoff Graham | 11 months ago
Animating motion paths in the viewport is a long overdue, and welcome update. Are these all the new features so far? I heard rumors of other things that are not listed here...